Mining all day long! ( And night x) )

I got bitten by the minecraft bug again! Last night was the second time in a row we stayed up until 4am and played. The game is soooooo addictive once you start playing it. I swear I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing the pc version but I never seem to get tired of it! (Almost!) x) Last week I bought the 360 Minecraft and me and a friend tried it the day before yesterday. Let’s just say we have all been in “mining-mode” since then! 🙂
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I think this awesome song by the amazing Miracle of Sound really captures the Minecraft experience ^^

3 thoughts on “Mining all day long! ( And night x) )

  1. i’d love to mine with you sometime! no but reallt, i’d love to play some Minecraft with you if you got a server or something when i got nothing to do, on pc that is. 😀

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