Awesome sleepy flower music…

I’ve been having some trouble sleeping two days in a row now! It’s 03:00am right now! : P I just can’t stop ponder over all my musts and shoulds… It sucks! šŸ˜¦ But there is one thing that always relaxes me, it’s a short, magical piece of music! In the ps3 menu, if you own the game Flower, go to it but don’t start it up! Sit back, close your eyes and just listen….
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos This short loop of menu music is so awesome and suuper soothing.. It just makes your mind soar away from every worry and melts you into a relaxed pile of goo! x)) (Or something like that, haha!) It always makes me sleepy anyways.. The only downside is I would have to sleep on the chouch if I wanna sleep while listening to it šŸ˜› And my bed is really comfy! x) *sigh* I can’t belive someone hasn’t made a 10hour loop of this yet! :O That would help solve my sleeping issues for sure! x) Oh well.. I’ll just have to keep trying, hopefully I’ll fall asleep soon… Good night and sweet dreams! *lotsa hugs*

3 thoughts on “Awesome sleepy flower music…

  1. You can loop a youtube video by adding “repeat” before the .com in the url. So becomes and boom! Instant 10 hour loop whenever you want on any video you want.

    • Thank you! That is really awesome! So I guess I could record those 30-something seconds I want looped and post it to youtube šŸ˜€ I’ll try it! Thanks again! ^^

      • You’re welcome! I’m sure there is already a video of the song already on youtube, might be able to save yourself some work. There is a slider that let’s you select a portion of the video if you don’t want the whole thing. Anyway, check it out, it’s pretty cool. I’ve used it a few times for a some background music at work or something. It’s one of those tricks that is very helpful but not many people seem know about it.

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