Sooo tired….

I’ve had another tough week at work, hence the silence! x(( I went from working 12-19 today and having the day off tomorrow to working until 21.30 today and having to jump in extra tomorrow at 6am-11… *sigh* Things has just been so stressful at work lately, I barley had any time or energy to play any videogames this week.. I can’t wait until I get my vacation! (only one week left) Woohoo! xD Well I’m just gonna play a little Candy Crush then I better get some sleep! (Why do I even play this game?? 😛 Getting stuck on the same level for weeks and the only factor to completing it is if you are lucky enough) xD Sure feels that way at least! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Well, good night! Play some real games tonight for me too will ya! ;D *Hugs*

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