4 Days Left…

From 6 days to 4 days!? “What happened to day 5” you wonder?? No I haven’t mastered time travel.. yet ;D Last week I took on an extra day of work before I would go on my vacation, but now it turns out I don’t have to work that day! 😀 So now friday will be the last day I work before I’m off! Wohoo! ^^

I don’t start working until late tomorrow so tonight I’m gonna continue playing Dead Rising 2 for a few hours! Work has been killing me latley so I havent been able to continue my zombie slaughter until now! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh, before I go I have a question for my swedish readers! When I started blogging I did it in swedish, then english and swedish, but then I switched to english only because it gave more response. My question is: Would anyone want me to write in swedish again also or does it not matter? I was just wondering, please let me know if you have any thoughts about this! ^^ Happy gaming everyone! **hugs**

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