Well technically we got home on saturday afternoon but I’ve basically been sleeping since then! :O The stress from the trip home, from flying and the lack of sleep really got to me I guess! I really did want to stream cuz I missed you all but I was a total wrek! I did try to blog like a 100 times too but I always fell asleep by the keyboard! xO Haha! But now I feel alot better! šŸ˜€

The trip was great though! Warm weather, great food… the only downside was that I broke my toe on the second day! x( How you ask? Well, we arrived on Saturday evening and on this day there was a storm so they had put away most of the chairs and parasols on the beach. On the second day it was still pretty windy so they still haven’t put out the beach stuff and we decided to go for a afternoon dip. Apparently they forgot to remove one of the steel pipes sticking out of the sand to hold the parasoles and of course I ran into it! x( Bang! Toe broken! šŸ˜¦ So the first half of the week I was limping! Such bad luck! But the trip was still great! We were mostly relaxing at the beach so we didn’t walk around much! šŸ˜€ I’ll show you guys some pictures from the trip in another post! ^^

Oh btw! I saw that Giada from Jade Felt Shop mentioned that she changed the coupon code for 10% off! The new one is “AGAMERSDIARY1“! Just thought I would make sure no-one missed it! ^^ Oh! She also sent me this AWESOME youtube clip! If you are a fan of Assassins Creed and kittens you need to see it! xD Thank you for seending me this Giada! I loved it! xD

Coming home dosen’t just mean the end of my vaication, It means back to reality, back to work! My back is alot better and I hope it will stay that way this time! I’m gonna try to listen to my doctor and start exercising on a regular basis! ^^ Going back to work also means that there are probably going to be alot of changes to the stream schedule since I might work late sometimes! I’ll update the stream schedule after I see my work schedule tonight! ^^ Ok! Now I need to go get ready for work! See you tomorrow! *Hugs*

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