Home sick! :(

I had to go home from work today cuz I was not feeling well! 😦 Suddenly I was feeling so weak I couldn’t even focus! I was freezing and sweathing at the same time. My head hurt and my vision got blurry! I started seeing black spots and I nearly passed out! :O So now I’m confined to bed! :(( Atleast I have Netflix , a big cup of tea and my cats to keep me company and make me feel better!
 photo image_zps57bc0297.jpg
I hope I get better until tomorrow but there is a big chanse I will have to cancel the stream! :(( I’ll let you guys know tomorrow but it will probably be cancelled! Maybe I can do it on wednesday instead! ^^ Now I’m gonna watch some Dr.Who and get some rest! *lots of hugs*

8 thoughts on “Home sick! :(

  1. >..< I think in this period you stressed yourself more than you should. And this is the rexult XD I hope you'll' feel better in some days (go to the doctor in the Tarids, maybe he can suggest you a proper theraphy XD). Don't worry for the stream!. I give you a huge hug ❤

    • Yeah maybe! But it’s so much fun I want to do everything at once xD Too bad I have to work too! I also think a co-worker gave me the sickness! That’s why you should not go to work sick, it spreads xO I do feel better! =) Time travel and saving people is a good cure xD Awww! A huge hug back to you! <3<3

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