A Hidden Treasure…

I ordered my copy of Unity several months ago and by the time I actually got it in the mail I had kiiind of forgotten what was actually going to be included! (Exept for the wooden music box! I really looked forward to getting that! xD) And when I did get it I posted pictures here on my blog and on Instagram of the content. I thought this was a really cool collectors edition and was really happy! Then someone on my instagram said “There is a really beautiful framed picture in a hidden compartment too” And I was like “WHAAAAAT?” I totally missed it! :O So I had to investigate the box again more closely and I found it! :O
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This awesome collectors edition just became so much cooler! I love the fact that they included a secret compartment! 😀 It’s so… sneaky! So.. Assassins Creed! 😉 The picture and the frame was really beautiful too! They should do more stuff like this! So Ubisoft! Next time I want a super sneaky edition packed with secrets and cool stuff! Hidden messages, sneaky compartments the whole sheebang! Ok?? ^^ Because this was really cool!

1 thought on “A Hidden Treasure…

  1. Totally cool! ** I love it!. I really want to go to a friends of mine house and try it!! ** The same for the new Dragon Age XD

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