Being Sick AGAIN and Leveling Up Sora!

I have been sick ALL week! Again… Feels like I get sick every other week nowadays! : P (I really need to start exercising soon to boost my immune system, this is ridiculous!) Anyways, at least I have gotten alot of rest, kitty cuddles and gaming time! ^^ I finished Assassins Creed Rogue, I started playing Unity and I leveled up a bit In Kingdom Hearts! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos As some of you saw last sunday on my stream I really, REALLY wanted to finish KH that day but in the end I had to give up! 😦 I was too tired and really getting sick… But don’t fear! That was just a temporary win for the bad guys! Like I said, I leveled up a bit and tomorrow night we are gonna try again! 😀 I also managed to beat the Hercules Cup! *Yay* Haha! ^^ So tomorrow night that fire breathing d-bag is going down! 😀

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