A Cristmas Gift From JadeFelt!

Today I got a very special package in the mail, a suprise christmas present from JadeFelt! šŸ˜€ She gave me some awesome things!! ā¤ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos I got a Gnar keychain!! šŸ˜€ (GNAR GNAR GNAR!) xD I love it! He is so cute! ^^ A awesome zelda phone case and OMG chocolate!!!!!! xD (Like some of you might know I’m a bit obsessed with chocolate) šŸ˜‰ Thank you so much Giada, you are so incredibly sweet to send me these christmas presents! I love them all! <3<3<3 I can't belive how nice you are and I was really touched by the very sweet note you wrote me! Thank you soooo much! :') <3<3

So as I'm writing this I'm enjoying the awesome chocolate (I looooved it Giada) and a cup of gingerbread tea! ^^ Nom nom! This will definetly give me strength for the long day at work tomorrow! <3<3<3 Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

4 thoughts on “A Cristmas Gift From JadeFelt!

  1. ^////////^ *Gives a Koala hug* i’m so happy that you liked it!. But everyone must know that also Captain Jenny Sparrow has been kind and generous with me this Christmas ** ā¤ She has given me the possibility to join her Minecraft server, 'cause she got me the Minecraft's premium version. OMG first time in my life that i play it with a paied version ** i feel so excited! **

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