Technically I Didn’t Starve…

I’m sick AGAIN! (This is ridiculous, stupid malfunctioning immune system) :(( I’m trying to chock my boby with tons of vitamins and anti-cold stuff so I get better asap! I’m really getting sick of beeing… uuumm, well sick! xO

I have been playing alot of Don’t Starve these past few days, it’s so much fun but oh sooooooo frustrating! x( I usually die somewhere between day 30-40 (yeah I’m a noob) and always for some stupid reason too like I don’t have enough wood or grass to make a fire when night hits, or standing to close to an angry beefalo, freezing or overheating… I never die in a cool way, like an epic battle or something like that! Just by making stupid mistakes! I was even killled by a bee one time! xD But hey, since the game is called “Don’t Starve” and I don’t technically die from starvation… that means I’m doing something right….. right??? xD Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Poor Wilson! I never manage to build something to cool him down with before he dies! x(

Oh and by the way! Look at this Gin-art made by AleaFlight! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos It’s so awesome, looks just like him! Thank you so much! I love it! 😀 Please check out Alea’s Deviantart to see more of her work! ❤

8 thoughts on “Technically I Didn’t Starve…

  1. Technically you’re awsome anyway!. Oh i’m so sorry to hear you’re sick. Have u seen a doctor?. Maybe he/her can give u some useful advice!. Ah i’ve sent u a package, but unfortunately i think it’s stucked in Soderhamn post office. It’s incredible, your post office is open even on sundays and it closes everyday in the evening….i don’t wanna live in my country anymore XD

    • Awww you are too sweet Giada! YOU are awesome! 😀 Yeah I did talk to a doctor and he said I should exercise, eat better, try to have a better sleeping schedule and not stress so much! I’m gonna try but it’s so hard to find the time and energy for exercising. (And it’s so d*mn boring!) x) I guess the sleeping and eating is something I can more easily make changes to rigth now! But the stress… ummm… well he suggested I should take a few min every day and just relax and meditate… That sounds doable, I’ll just have to remember to actually do it! x)

      Awww you sent me something? :O Thank you! Oh you are just the sweetest! Even after I’m so bad at answering messages and everything… 😥 You are incredible, I don’t deserve your kindness! <3<3 I saw that I had gotten 2 packages, one is a tea mug I ordered but the other I had no clue! I was a bit confused xD And I've been so week from the fever and cold so I haven't been able to get them yet. I talked to my dad and he will give me a ride later today to pick it up! I can't wait to see what you sent! <3<3

      • I honestly think that you deserve sooo much more, Jen. Mmm the doctor said the same things to me last time i saw her. XD Eat less and better, less stress and exercise XD We should start to find some time for ourselves!. We can make a sort of a path were we try to promise to go hard at these things together ^^/ I know we can do it!.

        Oh and for the package it’s only a little thing… Nothing important, so you can go when you feel better ^^. I give u lots of hugs <3. Ah and u're not bad at answering at messages XD you do it when u have time, it's logic!.

        Cuddle the cats also or me ^^!

      • Oh really? :O We definetly both need to try hard and make a change then! We can do it if we support eachother! 😀 JJ team go go!

        I really liked the gift! Thank you so much! ❤ I'm gonna give my sister her gifts too as soon as she comes over! I bet she will love them!

        Give lilith a big hug from me! ^^

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