Suicidal Horse…

Ok i confess.. I didn’t start playing Mass Effect yesterday x) I was just going to do some quick stuff in Skyrim, get lvl 50 and complete the gauldur quest, then one thing led to another and all of a sudden it was 04.30am! But I’m gonna start today, no really =) I’m gonna!!

Anyway, while I was completing some unfinished business in Skyrim something really sad happened… My horse died =( Well technically it has died maaany times, actually I think he was a bit suicidal! He picked fights with every frost troll he could find, rode off cliffs a few times, charged head on by himself into bandit strongholds… a dragon even landed on him once! (I guess that last one wasn’t his fault x) ) But I always had an auto-save so I could “resurrect” him, so even though all of his efforts to end his own life I’ve managed to have the same horse throughout my whole Skyrim adventure…. until now! =( By the time I realised he was gone the auto-saves had already saved a few times and he was gone in all of them! My last “manual” save was from waaaaaaay back so I just had to man up and accept that he was dead… I never even found his body, never got to say good bye šŸ˜„ *Sniff*

I guess once the mourning period is over I’ll buy a new horse.. (Ok, I already did!!) x) But I will never forget my trusted, and slightly frustrating, companion! May you rest in peace and I’ll see you in Sovngarde!!!

2 thoughts on “Suicidal Horse…

    • I bet they will make an exception for the horse of the dovahkiin right?? =) Besides, he fought bravely in many battles, lost most of them though… but at least he had spirit! šŸ˜€

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