Leading the Patapons to Victoty and Making a Lottery!

After finishing Mass Effect 3 I thought it was time I sat down and play trough a game that I’ve playing on and off for like years! Patapon! ^^ I never got around to beating it because it was so “€%&# hard! So I started up a new save and played from the beginning, turns out the game was not that hard! On my first save it had somehow bugged and every minigame but the one with the tree was nowhere to be found. So when I started playing the second time I found alot of stuff that was missing in the first! xD The stew minigame really makes all the difference so this time it was not as hard and I beat the game yesterday πŸ˜€ Wooohoo! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh, btw.. Playing Mass Effect 3 got me thinking, I REALLY tend to spend to much time on 1 single game. I mean I restarted it like 3 times because I wanted to do something different that I did before, or like playing the citadel DLC 2-3 times x) I have tons of games that I havent even played yet so I need to learn to “just play” a game! I suffer from the I-have-to-talk-to-everyone-a-million-times-and-collect-all-treasures-items-weapons-collectibles-and-get-all-trophys syndrome… (Yeah, it’s a real thing) ;D

Of course I’m still gonna do this with the games I LOVE, but just not all games! (This is gonna be a huge time saver! xD ) I also made up a fun way to catch up. I looked trough my collection and wrote down the names of the games I haven’t played on small notes, making it into a lottery x) So now all I have to do is take one and I know what to play next! ^^ (I never thought it would be this many! :O It’s like half of the games I own! xO But probably half of the once I wrote are games I started playing but somehow never finished, It’s high time I fix that) So since I need something to play tonight I took one from the lottery box, and the winner is…. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
I guess I’m killing zombies tonight! ^^ Hope you all have a great night! **Lotsa hugs!**

Mass Effect 3 Ending…

Well, this goes witouth saying but there are some MAJOR MASS EFFECT 3 SPOILERS comming here! If you havent played ME3 yet and are planning to, STOP READING NOW!!!

I repeat! SUPER BIG SPOILERS COMMING UP! If you continue reading it’s all on you! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! xD

((Thougts before playing the Extended Cut DLC))

I really loved ME3, it really felt like a great “last game”. Gathering forces, uniting the galaxy against a mutual enemy! It really had that epic last stand feel to it… right up until the last 10-15 minutes or so. The ending was so dissapointing! Like a railroad track leading you forward and then right over the edge! So frustrating! I mean a sweitzer cheese has feewer holes than the ME3 ending has plot holes! πŸ˜›

Ok, so troughout all games my Shepard was mainly paragon, I only used the renegade options against those scumbags who really deserved it! But still, I was good! Same in ME3, uniting the quarians and the geth, curing the genofage, my Shepard was a god d*mn miracle worker! Succeeding when there was no hope, uniting people of all races! But during the last 10 minutes of the game Shepard goes from hero of the galaxy to commiting genocide! You see, no matter what choise you pick in the end leads to the destruction of the mass relays.. And it is clearly stated in the game that the destruction of a mass relay would result in a explotion whiping out all living things around it! Obliterating all choices Shepard ever made, good or bad, in a matter of minutes.. Dosen’t matter anymore! Everything and everyone is dead! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

So what choices do you have in the end? Well however you played the game it does not change them… (For some weird reason, WFT btw?) Whatever you have done or not done, in the end you face the same 3 choices, 3 paths to walk…

1. Destroy the catalyst and all synthetic life along with it, not only the Reapers but also the Geth and EDI. (I think, for me she was with the crew on the synthesis ending but not this one)

2. Try to controll the Reapers in the way the Illusive man and Cerberus wanted.

3. Synthesis, you add your energy to the Catalyst… Shepard will be absorbed, and then sent out troughout the galaxy, combining all synthetic and organic life into a new mix, giving everything a new DNA.

Problems with said choices:
1. Well, all the times I’ve been talking to EDI and Legion about how they deserve to live and choose for themselfes is for naught. Free will and unity between all goes out the window with this option. How could I just destroy the catalyst and killing my friends after fighting so long for their right to exist?? (The only good thing about this choice is that it looks like Shepard survives!)

2. This is just stupid, here we have been fighting the Illusive man and Cerberus for this very reason! And now they expect me to be like “well, what they tried to do was wrong, but if I do it it’s ok” : P SO STUPID!

3. Combine synthetic life and organic into one.. Well, by choosing this all talk about how every living speices, no matter how different, deserves to live goes down the drain.. Solve the problem by making everyone the same..? Not really a solution if you ask me..

And now for the problems with the ending itself, starting with the talk with that AI kid, (why Shepard has been seeing him in dreams is not explained at all, but I guess I’ll let that slide : P ) Shepard has ALWAYS been questioning the bad guys.. Having alot to say to persuade or just tell them how wrong they are.. But here, NOTHING! The kid tells me that synthetic life will always try to destroy their creators in the end, there is no way to live in harmony and all Shepard has to say is “Maybe…. ” I don’t even have the option to bring up how I just made peace between the quarians and the geth! Wow, suddenly Shepard is a pushover??? :O

Oh! And while on that subject, the AI then claims that he created the Reapers billions of years ago to solve the problem of synthetic life forms killing their organic creators. The Reaper’s whole purpose is to “save” the organics by killing them and turning them into synthetics.. So that the organics won’t make synthetics who will then kill the organics… Soooo, basicly they kill you so you won’t be killed? Well that’s just a hole new kind of logic I sure haven’t heard of before! Makes sense… NOT! : P

After making your choice you see the mass relays getting destroyed (let’s just pretend this is another kind of explotion that does not whipe out all living things, just the relays) What about all those alien troops still on earth and in earths orbit? They have no means of getting home! With the mass relays gone the trip will take DECADES instead of moments. (Setting back their super evolved space travel immensly) The Turians, Quarians and Krogan can’t eat the same food as other species, so what happens when their “during the war food stock” runs out? I’m guessing starvation, leading to the krogan ultimatley eating everyone else on the planet, then the krogan starving to death : P Good job saving earth Shep!

And then there is the Normandy, holding my crew (who just moments earlier was down on earth with me btw) it’s almost caugth in the mass relay explotion but slips away at the last second… How did it even get there?? The last time I saw the Normandy it was stationed with the fleet in orbit around earth. And when did it have the time to get my crew?? Garrus and Liara was with me in the explotion that wounded me severly down on earth, I assume the were also left laying down on the battlefield like I was? Nope! They magically appear on the Normandy just a short while after! (Of course I want them to live so maybe I should let this slide too) : P Assuming they don’t start eating one another on that planet they crashed on!

And lastly a personal matter that confuses me soooooo much.. In her dying moments Shepard has a flash of some of those close to her, I see Andersson (makes sense, they were close and he was with me in my last moments) I see Joker (Also makes sense, him and Shepard were close friends and he’s been there from the start) Then I see Liara and afterwards other cutsceens starts playing… No offence, I like Liara.. But what??? Liara?!?! What the fudge?? Ok they were also close friends but I’m kind of sure my Shepard should be thinking about her BOYFRIEND GARRUS in her last moments?? (I’ve read that one of the flashes is suppose to be your love interest) Why on earth did I get Liara? I never had a relationship with anyone exept Garrus, I even kept Shepard single troughout ME1 because I only wanted to romance Garrus in my playtrough! Makes.. no…sense…

((After downloading the Extended Cut DLC))

Ok, I admit this DLC fixes a few of the biggest questions, not in a totally logic way though… But fair enough! The mass relays don’t kill off the galaxy, the Normandy is told to retreat (I’m guessing that’s when he takes the time to get the crew on earth. My new nickname for Joker is now “the flash“) : P They do still crash on the planet but somehow they manage to make enough repairs so they can get airborn again. The alien fleet in space and on earth just flies home and get’s there in time for supper! (still kind of weird) But at least they lived happily ever after I guess! That’s also what I wanted so no point in complaining…. Even though space travel now seems to include magic somehow : P

But the biggest letdown remain, the HUGE hole in the story. Or maybe not hole but just a really confucing matter. Trough ME1 and ME2 Shepard has been working to unite her crew, all speices, helping them drop old grudges and accept eachother, ultimatley working thowards a common goal. In ME3 this is extended to the whole galaxy. Tolerance, understanding and unity has always been key in the series. But suddenly all that is cast aside and left us with 3 choises that has NOTHING to do with what the game has been all about. The synthesis ending totally disregards the idea of tolerance and unity altogether by forcing all the life in the galaxy to become this new utlimate DNA mix. The control ending forces the Reapers to obey you, probably reculting in them eventually trying to ruin everything again, I mean they really don’t seem to grasp the consept of tolerance. The destruction ending is no better because it means forcing all synthetics lifeforms to give up their existance!

This ending really contredicts everything the series has been about all along, almost making you feel like everything you done was just in vain. You’re being forced to pick an option that disregards free will and contredicts the games story so far. What were they thinking, did they let the intern make the ending? Has this intern even played the games?? (I’m guessing not! x( ) I have to say I’m very dissapointed, and now I’m also quite worried about ME4! Let’s just hope they learned something from this disaster…

E3 day 0 and 1! What games have they shown so far??

So E3 is happening right now! Yaay! πŸ˜€ So far I think It has been great! I mean it’s still early in this console generation so we can’t really expect too much right? πŸ™‚ Still I think we are up to a good start! Even microsoft had a pretty good press conference compared to last year! They showed some microsoft exclusive games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Fable Legends, Dance Central Spotlight and Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha. ( OMG! That title! xD ) They also showed Rise of the Tomb Raider, Evolve, Crackdown, The Witcher 3.. Some pretty interesting indie titels (I’m a sucker for indie games ❀ ^^) Inside, White Night, Cuphead, Grave, Woolfe, Hellraid, #IDARB and Ori and the Blind Forest. The trailer for the last one was so sad, beautiful but sooo sad! πŸ˜₯

They also showed off their Project Spark, this game actually looks pretty cool, kinda makes me considering getting a xbox one one day! :O It’s a open-world digital canvas game letting you build your own worlds, create a story and share with the world! Looks awesome! Too bad I suck at those kind of games! xD I loved the Conker guest starring in the end! Haha! Conker is one of my all time favorite game characters! ^^ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Next up was the EA press conference! Here we got to see Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield Hardline, The Sims 4 (yay) and a veeeery small sneak peak at Mirrors Edge 2 and the new Mass Effect. I’m not even remotly a sports fan but the golf game with the action mode actually looked… fun! The exploding golf was hilarious! xD Way to go making me interested in a golfing game! They should make the whole game like that and maybe I’ll buy it! Haha!

Oooooh the Ubisoft press conference was AWESOME! πŸ˜€ ASSASSINS CREED UNITY PEOPLE! xD Eeeeeeeeeek! I’m so psyked about this game! Haha! The so beautiful and fellow gamer girl Aisha Tyler was hosting and I think Ubisoft really brought it this year! We got to see FarCry 4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Crew, Just Dance 2015, Shape Up, Valiant Hearts: The Great War and Rainbow Six Siege! The new Just Dance game has a cool new feature, an app making it possible for anyone to play using a smartphone, also allowing more than 4 people to play at the same time! 20! 200! 2000! No problem! Use the app and just dance! ;D

Last on day 0, but not at all least! The Playstation press conference!!! And what and ending to a great day! They showed us Destiny, The Order, Entwined, Little Big Planet 3 (OMG YES!), Bloodborne, Dead Island 2, Abzu, Magica 2, GRIM FANDANGO (I’M SO HAPPY), Rainbow 6: Siege, Let It Die, No Man’s Sky, Batman: Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and Uncharted 4!!

——Day 1——

Today Nintendo showed what games they had to offer as well, we got to see Yoshi’s Wooly World, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Bayonetta 2, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Hyrule Warriors and some absolutely stunning footage of the new Zelda game!

Omg so many games! And I didn’t even include them all! And there is still more to come! πŸ˜€ It’s good to be a gamer right now! My favorites so far are AC Unity (of course! πŸ˜‰ ), Grim Fandango, Yoshi’s Wooly World… Oh and LBP 3 looks awesome too! πŸ˜€ I really liked the Witcher 3 gameplay, the envoirment was so stunning! :O The Sims 4, Zelda… And Mario Maker looks like the best idea ever! x)

Oh! Before I wrap this up I just want to say congratulations to Gonzalo Barrios who just won the Super Smash Bros tournament! And great job everyone else as well! It was really fun to watch! ^^ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Good Night! ^^

Finally Friday!

I’ve had the week from hell at work this week… So when I FINALLY got off today I was so happy, happy, happy, happyyyyy! πŸ˜€ I am free both saturday AND sunday! Time for some serious relaxing and trophy hunting! ^^

I finally got my galactic rediness up to 100% in Mass Effect 3, so now it’s time for the final showdown with the reapers, (after I finish playing the citadel DLC for the second time!) I really liked it ok!? x) I aaaalmost got the platinum trophy in Dead Nation too so that will be taken care of! ^^ This will be a great gaming-weekend! Happy gaming everyone! πŸ˜€

My blog is “broken”! x(

So I figured out what the problem is, apparently I ran out of bandwidth on my photobucket account! 😦 Kind of annoying but totally fixable! It even resets every month ^^ But I can fix it now by upgrading to their plus account for a small fee and I’ll have unlimited bandwidth. The thing is when I try to do so I get a error message and it won’t let me pay 😦 Soooo frustrating! I wrote them about this problem and hopefully they will help me fix it soon! Otherwise everything will be back to normal at the 1st next month! But until then I’ll have to do “all text posts” ((How will I survive?? I love taking pictures!)) x)) But oh well! I’ll just have to make due until then!

I’ve been working all weekend! Morning to night : P It really makes you tired! But today I had a short day, 6am – 11am! “I’ll run home and play mass effect 3 all day” I thought! πŸ˜€ But when I got home I totally had a game over and I fell asleep! (Didn’t even have time to change out of my work clothes before I was out) x) I just woke up and it’s now 17.30! Wow I sleept all day! X( Haha! Oh well, I feel like I have a cold coming on so maybe my body needed some extra sleep! But now I need to get out of bed (If Gin the cuddle-monster will let me), eat some food and play for the rest of the day! ^^ Hope you all have a great day! **hugs** ^^^

No one messes with MY hamster!

I have spent my friday night playing the citadel DLC for mass effect 3 and I love it! It’s awesome! πŸ˜€ The interactions and conversations that Shepard and the crew has are excellent! Hilarious at some points! xD I’m not gonna spoil anything but If you are a ME fan and have not played this DLC I highly recommend you do! It will leave you with a smile on your face! ^^  photo 1645FC2A-FAEA-4B85-8320-04AB4C0BF2CA_zpsgjno3p6x.jpg photo DFD18E2B-2F40-44F7-A587-55A5AE199368_zpsu4wx6ipb.jpg ((“Go for the eyes!” Baldur’s Gate reference?? xD ))

My Collection Episode 3.5! ^^

By doing these colletion updates I realized something.. I keep my games EVERYWHERE!!! x)) Haha! I put them up on shelfs as decoration and some are even in frames. I’ve been running around all over to make sure I get them all but I noticed that I’ve missed some on previous posts. Maybe I’ll do a “bonus episode” where I’ll show those I forgot about! x) Anyway! As promised, here are my PS3 games! πŸ˜€ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos If you didn’t already know this about me I am kiiiiiind of a Assassins Creed fangirl! (understatement of the year! lol) x) I even have the logo tattoed on my arm! xD Well, this beautiful picture wraps up todays post! ^^ I need to go to bed now because tomorrow we are going on a road trip! We are going to a retro game expo in Gothenburg on saturday! :DDD (It’s like a 7-8 hour drive from where we live) πŸ˜› But I’m so exited! I can’t wait! ^^ So now I need to get some sleep so it will magically become tomorrow! ^^^ Good night guys! **Hugs**

Sorry Guys..

I had such a tough day today at work and I totally forgot I had a laundry time tonight too… And now I’m dead tired…. 😦 Sooooooo what I’m trying to say is my ps3 collection update will have to be postponed until tomorrow! x( BUT! Don’t be sad! ;D I will show you another smaller collection instead! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos This is my collection of pillows on my couch that I will probably fall asleep on sometime in the next 15 minutes! Haha! x) I planned to squeeze in some mass effect 3 before bed so I prepared it by starting it up like 2 hours ago… I’m gonna try to play some but I have a feeling it won’t be too long before I’m off to dream land! Good night everyone! ^^

I’m home sick today.. :(

Not feeling very well at all! So I have spent the day catching up on some reading… Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos And playing Mass Effect 3! Thankfully none of those activities require a whole lot energy! ^^^ (Btw! If you haven’t read 5 very good reasons to punch a dolfin in the mouth you really need to check it out! It’s hilarious!)

I’m slowly progressing in mass effect today πŸ˜› Gotta pause to get my energy levels up between missions! x) I noticed some funny signs on our refrigerator on the normandy, so basicly this means no guns or alien heads alowed in there?? x) lol Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos I also tried to get some consolation cuddles from my boyfriend Garrus but he turned me down 😦 Maybe he didn’t want to get sick too! x) Oh well!