I’m the worst YouTuber…

I’ve been working on a YouTube video now for what seems like FoReVeR! It’s not a very good one, not at all.. but it’s almost done! The thing is I’m terrified! :O For some reason whenever I’m almost done I panic and find something i just HAVE to change! The video is not good, and it’s not supposed to be good since it’s my first try! xD But still I feel this icredible pressure, YouTube ia a scary and wounderful place, I just feel so scared for some reason! And I keep changing it and changing it… x( I guess I should just take the leap (of faith??) and press upload, would someone come over here and hold my hand while I do it? x( I’m just gonna change one more thing, I need to record voice over for a part of the video, but I can’t do it now cuz I’m sick! 😦 I sound very weird and snotty! xD Or maybe I should just do it.. snot or no snot.. just record and be done! Oh now I’m getting scared again… my tummy hurts! x( *hides*

Being Sick and Partying! :O

As some of you already know I’m sick, yet again! : P (So annoying!) First I had to cancel 2 streams last week because of work and 2 streams this week because I’m sick! x( Such bad timig! I have the worst luck! 😦 Atleast today I got some company while being sick and miserable! πŸ˜€ My sister and her boyfriend came over and we had volcano pizza and played Mario Party Island Tour on 3DS πŸ™‚ It was alot of fun! ^^ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
We also played alittle bit of Super Smash Bros. but none of us had the patience to figure out the controlls so we returned to Mario Party very quick! xD

On another note I have a 24 hour stream planned in a little over a week! It’s to celebrate me finally getting my vaication form work and also 2000 followers on twitch! :O (Thank you so much guys! You are the best) So I bought some new games! Sice I also invited sis and Callical to play with me on the 24h stream I tried to focus on multiplayer games! ^^ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Final Fantasy Type-0 also slipped inside the shopping basked because I got a really great price! I couldn’t resist! ❀ xD

I really look forward to my vaication…. I can finally stream like usual without problems (maybe even more!) πŸ˜€ I can finally forget the stress from work and calm down for a bit! It’s been really tough latley! 😦 I’ve been so forgetful and stressed! It’s only one week and 1 day left now… One week, one day…. *mumble mumble*