THIS is NOT what I wanted to see when I plugged in Mass Effect!!!  photo null_zps7aa2fdc0.jpg
Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! x””'( I knew my PS3 hard drive was running low on space and it’s the resason I haven’t bought the Assassins Creed 3 DLC’s though I REALLY wanted too, but this is a massive amount of space required in order to install the Mass Effect files! Like 4GB of space!!! Omg the anguish! I had to sit all day and decide what to keep and what I could accept to part from…………. (It was really hard!!) = ( After I finally got the required amount of disk space the installation started and now I am left with 288MB of free space on my PS3… Yeah, you heard me! 288MB… I’m gonna have to buy a new HDD for it ASAP or there will be no more new games on my PS3 for a while. (How will I survive that?!?) No no noooo, no can do! Oh Mass Effect, I hope you are worth all this hassle!  photo null_zpse4553d2d.jpg
((No you’re overreacting! = P))

Suicidal Horse…

Ok i confess.. I didn’t start playing Mass Effect yesterday x) I was just going to do some quick stuff in Skyrim, get lvl 50 and complete the gauldur quest, then one thing led to another and all of a sudden it was 04.30am! But I’m gonna start today, no really =) I’m gonna!!

Anyway, while I was completing some unfinished business in Skyrim something really sad happened… My horse died =( Well technically it has died maaany times, actually I think he was a bit suicidal! He picked fights with every frost troll he could find, rode off cliffs a few times, charged head on by himself into bandit strongholds… a dragon even landed on him once! (I guess that last one wasn’t his fault x) ) But I always had an auto-save so I could “resurrect” him, so even though all of his efforts to end his own life I’ve managed to have the same horse throughout my whole Skyrim adventure…. until now! =( By the time I realised he was gone the auto-saves had already saved a few times and he was gone in all of them! My last “manual” save was from waaaaaaay back so I just had to man up and accept that he was dead… I never even found his body, never got to say good bye 😥 *Sniff*

I guess once the mourning period is over I’ll buy a new horse.. (Ok, I already did!!) x) But I will never forget my trusted, and slightly frustrating, companion! May you rest in peace and I’ll see you in Sovngarde!!!

Xbox One Bashing

Wow, there is alot of Xbox one bashing out there! Even though i prefer playstation I kind of feel sorry for them… Wait, no i don’t!! They always cared more about money than to have a satisfied fanbase so they actually kind of deserve it! I found this picture on, sooo funny! x)

The only reason i will buy the Xbox one, if i even do it, will be to play the new halo and metal gear.. or if they make a new gears of war game.. and if it’s on a super sale! : P


Wow! Wow! Wow! Woooooow! I just watched the playstation press conference and all I can say is WOW! Playstation really nailed it! I’m blown away, spechless and so psyched! And what a game lineup! Doki Doki Universe, Tearaway, Rain, The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, The Order, Infamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs, Destiny and many more! And alot of indie (love it) This is like birthday and christmas all wrapped up into one! I don’t even remember the last time i was this exited! (Oh yeah, the Assassins Creed 3 realese x) *haha*)

Playstation really shows that they understand gamers, and care about what we think! It shows in all the awesomeness the PS4 has to offer! The online features letting us watch our friends play and even jump in and help, no online requierment for plaing offline games, (Duuh microsoft), we get a whole lot of PS exlusive extra content for games and if you are a Playstation plus member you get 1 free game per month :O You heard me! (And one PS plus membership is valid for PS3, PS Vita and PS4, alot of bonus points there!) And the price!!! 399 dollars!!! I already knew i was a PS fangirl before but now, oh sony, you really know how to make a girl happy! ^^

And the fantastic Square Enix announced that FF Versus 13 is being tranformed into FF 15 instead with an awesome looking trailer with Final Fantasy written all over it! And then… they dropped the bomb…. after like 7 years of waiting….


Omg! OMG! I almost cried! Finally……

And Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag! I haven’t checked out Ubisofts press conference yet but i watched the E3 trailer on you tube…. OMG! I got as exited as a Justin Beiber fan! I almost threw my underwear at the screen! xD Too bad the gameplay demo had a little meltdown 😦 But what we got to see looked awesome! I don’t know how i’m supposed to be able to go to sleep now with all this exitement! I mean… WOW!! Way to go Playstation!!!