I FINALLY got my PS4 Harddrive!

1TB!!! Oh yeah!!! xD Both me an Kurr is suuper exited! 😀 (Hopefullly it still works, the package had gotten quite a dent) xO Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
It has been torture I tell you to have a PS4 in front of you and not being able to use it!! x( But now I’m just gonna switch the HDD and I’m good to go! ^^ It’s amazing how simple it is to change the HDD on your PS4! Sony really made it user friendly, and it doesn’t affect the warranty! This is why I love Sony! <3<3 And you can really tell they love us gamers back!

My cold has gotten alot better, I'm still not 100% well though, I have this really annoying chough! :oP I really want to stream tonigth but I'm worried I'm gonna drive you guys crazy with the constant choughing! :O We'll see what happens tonight! ^^ *lotsa hugs*


THIS is NOT what I wanted to see when I plugged in Mass Effect!!!  photo null_zps7aa2fdc0.jpg
Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! x””'( I knew my PS3 hard drive was running low on space and it’s the resason I haven’t bought the Assassins Creed 3 DLC’s though I REALLY wanted too, but this is a massive amount of space required in order to install the Mass Effect files! Like 4GB of space!!! Omg the anguish! I had to sit all day and decide what to keep and what I could accept to part from…………. (It was really hard!!) = ( After I finally got the required amount of disk space the installation started and now I am left with 288MB of free space on my PS3… Yeah, you heard me! 288MB… I’m gonna have to buy a new HDD for it ASAP or there will be no more new games on my PS3 for a while. (How will I survive that?!?) No no noooo, no can do! Oh Mass Effect, I hope you are worth all this hassle!  photo null_zpse4553d2d.jpg
((No you’re overreacting! = P))