GAMEX 2013!!!

Finally!! THE GAMEX UPDATE! Woooooo! xD GameX this year got a bit hectic to say the least. The cosplay was not done, I had just gotten a slipped disc and lumbago (was eating alooot of painkillers) and worst of all my sweet little kitty cat Gin got sick the day before we were leaving for Stockholm. His sickness was not so serious (yet…. =P ) He had crystals in his urine making it hard for him to… do his buissness! (he had it once before and he got fine right after the treatment) so we took him to the vet. That night I worked so hard to finish my cosplay but it was soo hard while Gin was not feeling so good, I keept one eye on the cosplay and the other on him so I’ve might not have been working as fast as I could have! =P Somewhere at 5 or 6 am I gave up and said “I will bring everything with me and finish it at the hotel”. I was so tired from stress and worry so I just needed a few hours of sleep…


At around noon we packed the car full of cosplay stuff, and a litte luggage πŸ˜‰ I kissed my kitty-cats good bye and then it was go time! We were off to stockholm and gameX 2013! This was a thursday, the 31st of oktober and we were staying for the whole con, until 3rd november! We were so exited! My friend had also built a cosplay, Zack Fair from Final Fantasy Crisis Core and it was awesome (and finished =P ) so I was a bit stressed out about getting mine done on time and having time to enjoy the con of course! ^^ There was a cosplay contest on friday and we were a little tempted to try our luck there, but first I needed a finished cosplay! x)

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We arrived at the hotel and quickly carried our luggage up to our room, then we ran down to finally check out this years gameX. We always stay at an awesome hotel called Victoria Tower sitting riiiight next to where GameX is! So convenient! ^^ At first glanze is was awesome, then we notised how small it was compared to past years, nintendo wasn’t ever there :O And sadly not many cosplayers at all the first day but there was alot of games to try! And swedens first chance to try the PS4! (Woohoo) And there were alot of merchandise! Nerd-heaven! xD

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We also tried to find out more about the cosplay contest and were to sign up but no one seemed to know anything, not even the people in the cosplay booth! (haha) Then finally we found someone who said “just be there before the contest starts at 17.30 and it’s fine” Fair enough! ^^ We didn’t stay the whole first day because someone had a cosplay to finish =P I had to make and put on all the fake leather straps to make all the parts stick to me. Was alot more work than I imagined it would be and I stayed up until 1 or 2 am before I went to sleep..


Cosplay day! Yay! I was still not done but I was sooo close that I could taste it! No way it would not get done, maybe an hour or two then it was gonna be finished! So after some yummy hotel breakfast I continued working. That’s when I get a phonecall from my dad, he had promised to watch over Gin for me, and he had gotten some complications from the treatment and was getting worse and worse. This made things alot harder! I was so worried and could not focus at all! This caused in things taking more time than it should have but after a few hours I was upto that point when I was gluing the last pice of strip on the last armor piece.. and what happens? I burn my fingers on hot glue that just came out of the glue gun! I was gonna put some preassure on the strip while the glue dried and it must have slipped out on the sides of the strip… IT HURT LIKE “#%&! x(

So here I was, so worried about my kitty I just could cry, had just burned two fingers on my left hand, and I still needed to put on my cat nose, do all of my cat makeup, put in the cat eye lenses and help my friend with his Zack hair.. all using one hand =P The burnt hand wanted to kill my fingers unless I kept it under cold water! x( After alot of effort and stress we were finally both done!! Yaay! πŸ˜€

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My makeup was terrible (somehow the grey color turned blue when it dried! xD ) and everything had been done while in panic mode but I was so happy to be done at last and at around 17.00 we hurried down to the con to go enter the contest. When we arrived we found the place of the contest at maybe 17.10-17.15 only to find out we could not enter! We were too late! 😦 “If you had gotten here like 10 minutes ago you could have entered, sorry!” Omg, I was so sad, so close and all because I messed up and burnt my fingers!!!!!!! x( *sob* Oh well, not much to do about it so we just watched show and all the amazing cosplayers, I never would have won but it would have been fun to at least try! It was too dark to take any pictures in there but I caught some of them on camera afterwards! ^^ (Warning! Alot of Pictures) xD

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Look! look! I found another Skyrim cosplayer! πŸ˜€ And she picked a figth! :O Or was it me? πŸ˜‰ Don’t remember! *lol* We ended up having alot of fun even though we missed the contest. Still I was very worried about Gin, I even thought about leaving Stockholm early and go home to him, but when we got back to our hotel room that night my dad called and said Gin had been “hospitalized” at the vet and he would not get to come home until sunday, same day we were gonna get home again. So since me going home would not make any difference, I stayed.


This time there were no stess, and my fingers didn’t hurt as much! xD So today I got to be a gray khajiit, not blue! And with alot better makeup! x) Yay!
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We played some games, met some awesome cosplayers and me and my friend got into some more fights! ;D
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 photo DSCN3819_zps97d62e68.jpg
 photo DSCN3824_zpsf5371789.jpg
Don’t worry, no one was harmed! πŸ˜‰ And we met Lightning again, her cosplay was amazing! :O
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And I just have to show off my friends AWESOME buster sword that he made! Made out of wood! :O It’s so pretty! :’D
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The last day of the con, I was not able to wear my cosplay today because we had to leave our hotel room at noon, so if I put it on I had no place to get it all off for the car ride home. But I at least wore the jagged crown! Today there was supposed to be a cosplay catwalk but it was canceled, instead there was a mini photo shoot!

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As the big Assassins Creed fan girl that I am I just had to get a picture with this awesome banner!
 photo DSCN4014_zpsb19b9691.jpg
Then out of nowhere I was ambushed! By an assassin! :O (I was not very sad about that as you can see!)
 photo DSCN4027_zpsd37c4aae.jpg
Then a Soldier came to my rescue and handed me a gun! ^^
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(Yeah I know I’m not holding it right! My friend keeps nagging me about it! lol ;D But I never held a gun before, cut me some slack will ya! ^^)
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I guess this wraps up my GameX/Cosplay post! Finally huh?? =) We had alot of fun and I can’t wait until GameX 2014! Kinda hoping it gets bigger again though! ^^

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I’m baaaaaaaaack! :D

Did you miss me??? Really??? Awwww you’re just saying that! ;D *Kidding!* But I sure missed writing my blog! (A little contradictive since it took so long for me to return! I know!) x( I suck! Well no, actually life sucks and I think part of the reason it took so long for me to get here is because I DREADED for the moment when I had to sit down and write about it.. So you know what I finally decided? I’m not gonna do it!! Nu-uh! I’ll just draw a big line over it and move on! Life gave me lemons and I’m trowing them back in life’s face! After letting them lay for a while and rot! πŸ˜‰

I do need to tell you about one bad thing that happened though, cuz it kind of explains some of my “unfocusedness” during GameX (which I will tell you about in my next post!) My cat got sick, and I mean REALLY sick! Between life and death sick.. ='( And he got sick the DAY BEFORE we were gonna leave for GameX! And yeah some might say things like “it’s just a cat” but really, my cats are a part of my family and I love all of them to death! But the cat that got sick, Gin, is of course the one of them that is super loving and sooo attached to me! This is no ordinary cat I can assure you! No! He has been my “moral-support-co-op gaming partner” for the past 8 years! He has been right there in my lap for hours and hours of adventuring, we saved hyrule a few times, cried to a few Final Fantasy endings, him purring and making me feel safe while playing horror games, pawing the controller during important boss fights, he was right there beside me (or on me x) ) for the whole ride! And not only during gaming, he’s always by my side really… And when it’s bedtime he refuses to sleep unless I let him have his head on my arm and I hold him, like spooning! x) He’s a real sweetheart so you could never ever imagine how my heart broke when he got sick! And I blamed myself soooo much cuz I had been so busy for 2 months building my cosplay, not spending as much time with him as I use to! x(

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It took about a month of almost daily vet. visits, a few emergency visits in the middle of the night, he was “hospitalized” 3-4 times, alot of medication, many tears and little sleep… My dad and I took turns sleeping a few hours while the other one watched him, then we switched so we had 24hours a day surveillance on him at all times! I refused to just give up on him after about a month THANK YOU MY LUCKY STAR he finally got better despite some very doubtfull veterinarians! And now he is back were he supposed to be, curled up in a little ball, purring in my lap! ^^ ❀

Right before Gin got sick he started a career as the “LoL/Cat stream cat”, sadly it was cut short by his sickness and us moving back into our apartment after the water damage was fixed. But he still managed to capture some of the viewers hearts and I would like to thank all of you who sent him get well wishes! It meant alot and kept our kitteh fighting! Thanks all of you! ❀ ^^

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If you wanna watch the streams they can be found on my sisters Twitch, here and here! πŸ˜€

During Gin’s sickness I really didn’t do anything other than attend to him, and before he got sick I was building my cosplay for 2 months, so that adds up to little over 3 months with pretty much NO VIDEO GAMES! :O After Gin got better and things started to feel normal this was the first thing that my body demanded I took care of! Oh man, the feeling when I sat down for the first time after this rollercoaster and just held the controller in my hands! I was HOME! πŸ˜€ (I’m so silly, haha! But I loooooove video games so much I don’t care ;D ) The first game I played was Assassins Creed Black Flag and it was… amazing! xD I am so in love with that game! I’ve also played a bunch of other games: resident evil 6 (not as good, lol), pikmin 3, little big planet on vita, LBP 2, atelier ayesha – the alchemist of dusk, borderlands, minecraft on PS3 and I just started with Zelda – a link between worlds! Ahhhhh gaming, I missed you! ^^ Me and my sister also played a few games together, A shadows tale, the last of us (OMG! Great game!) and then we starded playing a kind of weird game, resonance of fate, seems to have very little story (or non at all almost) x) And it has the most confusing battle system ever! (You gotta come over so we can continue playing sis! πŸ˜‰ )

Ok so this post turned out a bit longer than I intended! x) So I’m just gonna end it now by saying some things I missed out on saying: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Winter-een-mas! Btw, how do you like our christmas tree? πŸ˜€

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