My sister is Back in Sweden! :D

Wooooo! I missed her so much! :’) She came here on Thursday and on Friday we had Tacos and played games! It was great! First off we played a few rounds of the awesome card game Exploding Kittens, if you haven’t tried it you really should! It’s also avaliable as a moile game, it’s a little different from the card game but both is super fun! Then my sis totally kicked our butts in Monopoly on the PS4, I’m usually the first one out whenever I play it but this time at least I was 2nd! ^^
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We also played a game my sis recommended, Moon Hunters! Very cool game where you play a few days in the heroes lifes while they are trying to find the missing moon! After the days has passed (3 or 4, I don’t remember) you are faced with a boss and even if you win or lose the game will end and you have to start over. For every playtrough you gather more and more clues about the moon and unlock more and more abilities and playable characters. The map resets after each playtrough and you can only visit one area/day, so you have to choose carefully and be strategic! You also get a character evaluation after each round based on your actions and behaviour, I must say mine was spot on…. x’D It was so much fun, we continued playing in on Saturday, we still aven’t found the moon tho!
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I got this aweome painting and this amazing smelling tea from my sister, really, I can’t describe properly with words how amazing this tea smells!

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Nevermind – The Game! (Or game to be!)

We were over for dinner at my dads the other day and my sister showed me a trailer of a psychotic, adventure ish horror game currently beeing developed and it looked sooo cool! In this game you venture into the horrific and twisted worlds inside subconscious trauma victims… But this is no ordinary horror game, no sir! While you play you have this thigy strapped around your ribs, close to your heart and it monitors how you react to the creepy stuff going on in the game! Panic and it gets worse and worse! You need to learn how to face your fears while not losing your cool in order to progress trough the game. I love horror games and the innovativeness of the gameplay is really amazing! (Why has no one thougth of this before?? WHYYYY??) Imagine playing slender or amnesia with this tecnology! EEEEEK :O Haha!

I’m so psyked about this game and I’m totally gonna donate something to help make this happen 🙂 If you are a horror junkie like me check out the trailer on their website and if you like what you see maybe donate something! I bet they appreciate any donation, big or small! There is only 4 days left on their Kickstarter! Let’s go go go! 😀


The other day my sister forced me to try a game and i’m
happy she did! (Thanks sis) ^^ It was an indie game called EVOLAND!
Evoland is a short game about the evolution of adventure/RPG
games! It starts off as a very simple game boy irsh looking game
and as you play it evolves more and more. Better graphics, improved controlls and music is added
gradually and also new innovations from back in the days. A few
examples is 16-bit graphics, shadows and inclusion of volumetric
lighting that really gave the games some depth, npc’s, dungeons,
items, an inventory, health containers, random encounters, bosses
and so on.. After you play evoland for a while it looks like this..
Then this… Finally! 3d! 😀 The game has gotten alot of inspiration from Zelda and
Final Fantasy and a true blue gamer will recognise most of the
references to other legendary titels as well which is spread
throughout Evoland! The story line is very simple (but it’s
supposed to be simple) and the style of the game is well known, but
it still has a certain charm to play the game and see it transform
before your eyes 🙂 Starting off as an game boy style rpg to
becoming a more advanced diablo style game! The only annoying thing
about this game is the random encounters (hehe) but i’ve been a big
FF nerd for many years back so i guess i’m used to it ^^ The idea
for Evoland was created by Nicolas Cannasse for Ludum Dare #24. For
you who don’t know it it’s a competition where you are supposed to
create the best game you can in a set time, under 48h. Nicolas
created Evoland Classic and he won the whole thing, with 1400 games
competing. The game soon got a big fan base with over 30 0000
players who had played the game over the first few months after
it’s release. If you want to try Evoland Classic you can do so
here! The full version of Evoland can
be bought from steam for like 9 dollars and I think it’s definitely
worth it! It’s a charming little game full of nostalgia and only
takes about 3-4 hours to play! I recomend it! 😀