Nevermind – The Game! (Or game to be!)

We were over for dinner at my dads the other day and my sister showed me a trailer of a psychotic, adventure ish horror game currently beeing developed and it looked sooo cool! In this game you venture into the horrific and twisted worlds inside subconscious trauma victims… But this is no ordinary horror game, no sir! While you play you have this thigy strapped around your ribs, close to your heart and it monitors how you react to the creepy stuff going on in the game! Panic and it gets worse and worse! You need to learn how to face your fears while not losing your cool in order to progress trough the game. I love horror games and the innovativeness of the gameplay is really amazing! (Why has no one thougth of this before?? WHYYYY??) Imagine playing slender or amnesia with this tecnology! EEEEEK :O Haha!

I’m so psyked about this game and I’m totally gonna donate something to help make this happen 🙂 If you are a horror junkie like me check out the trailer on their website and if you like what you see maybe donate something! I bet they appreciate any donation, big or small! There is only 4 days left on their Kickstarter! Let’s go go go! 😀

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