Week… Finally… OVER! x(

There are currently chaos at work, again! 😦 Feels like it always is nowadays! But atleast today I worked my last shift this week and now I’m finally home cuddeled up in the sofa with the cats, noms and some handheld gaming! There is really a different cozy feeling to playing on a handheld console, I love it! ^^ ❀ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
But today wasn’t all bad because my friends cat had kittens yesterday and I went to see them before going to work! xD So adorable!! So tinyyyyy! I almost died from cuteness overload! It’s hard to belive Gin, Gustaf and Kurr has been that small once! xD Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Now I’m gonna enjoy my game and cuddles until I fall asleep! I hope you all have a great night!! *hugs* ❀

Stupid Headache! :(

Today I have had the worst headache! Uuuuh it just doesn’t stop! x( I tried everything, a walk, drank tons of water, a relaxing bath… Nothing really helped! 😦 But I did get alot of rest so hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow!  photo image_zpsgrjkufaq.jpg At least my little cuddle monster was always close to me for comfort! ❀

I did get some work done today im between batteling my headache of DOOM! I finally updated the stream schedule and donor list! (Sorry it took so long) x( I'm also updating some other parts of the stream, a new bio and so on, but I'm not really finnished yet! I'm also waiting for the green light on some copyright issues I have with my youtube video, I might have to change it a bit depending on what answers I get! Let's hope not! xO

But now I need to get some sleep! Good night everyone! ❀ See you on tomorrow's stream! πŸ˜€