Week… Finally… OVER! x(

There are currently chaos at work, again! 😦 Feels like it always is nowadays! But atleast today I worked my last shift this week and now I’m finally home cuddeled up in the sofa with the cats, noms and some handheld gaming! There is really a different cozy feeling to playing on a handheld console, I love it! ^^ ❀ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
But today wasn’t all bad because my friends cat had kittens yesterday and I went to see them before going to work! xD So adorable!! So tinyyyyy! I almost died from cuteness overload! It’s hard to belive Gin, Gustaf and Kurr has been that small once! xD Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Now I’m gonna enjoy my game and cuddles until I fall asleep! I hope you all have a great night!! *hugs* ❀

8 thoughts on “Week… Finally… OVER! x(

  1. AWWWW Jen! they’re so precious! ❀ yes, i can't believe that Lilith was little as them, once XD. I'm so happy that your hard week work went over, as well as mine XD but now time to rest!!! ** Yesterday night i made some tea and i plyed some left 4 dead with friends, it's so funny!! and than i slept until…mmmm…20 minutes ago with Lilith ❀ Tonight i think i'll go to the cinema to see the new Cinderella. I give you LOTS of hugs!….mmm and i have to go to some travel agencies to see the offers for the plane!.i could buy the tickets by myself..but in this case i want a help, to make sure it will be perfect!.

    • That sounds like so much fun! How was the movie? πŸ™‚ I was thinking of seeing it maybe! Yeah it’s good atleast to ask so you know your options at a travel agent! You can never be too prepared! πŸ˜€ *hugs*

    • Yeah! πŸ˜€ Well it is actually a Psp on the picture but I do have a Vita aswell πŸ™‚ I loved the psp, still do x) The vita is great too! But you are right, it doesn’t seem like to many ppl have it :O

      • I Have both and still play both. They both have a great back catalogue of games. I was going to ask, if you don’t mind sharing, what equipment do you use when doing twitch? I’m eager to start my own channel but don’t have any idea as to where to start with cameras, gameplay recording equipment etc. Any help would be much appreciated!

      • Definetly! Many are asking me the same thing so I thought I could make a blog post about it with links and stuff I used! ^^ I’ll try to post it this week! πŸ˜€

  2. Jenny the same is in here… The smallest things made my Day….
    IΒ΄m still waiting for your answer on Twitch πŸ™‚

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