A Productive Day!

Today I had the day off and instead of doing what I wanted to do (lay on the sofa and play games all day) I did a bunch of boring things I NEEDED to do! Cleaned the apartment (It’s a good thing you guys can’t see what’s behind the camera on the stream! xD), ordered Gin’s medicin/candy, cleaned the balcony and windows, gone thru some papers, answered some e-mails, re-organised my tea shelf, cleanded the aquarium and a bunch of other very very boring stuff! x( Atleast some of the boring to-do list is done! ^^

If you watch my stream you have probably heard me say “you can never have too much tea” I don’t think my pantry agrees! xD Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Sparkly and clean! 😀 Kinda..! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

After a hard days of work me I was gonna spend the night on my sofa while enjoying some banana tea, Gin cuddles and Don’t Starve! But after taking tons of hilarious photos of Gin using some photo app I fell asleep while blogging! xD (And accidently publiched the unfinnished post while sleeping) SORRY! xD <3<3 Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

8 thoughts on “A Productive Day!

  1. ❤ You're amazing! well i'm on bed trying to start a translation for work but i'm too sleepy, i ate too much at easter lunch XD anyway tonight i will be to my friend's house for dinner, but if you'll do the stream i'll come to see a bit cause i'm at home also on monday! yeee

    • Oh wow I was so shocked! I fell asleep while blogging last night so I never got to finnishing or publishing my post! So I thought “how can she comment on a post I haven’t posted yet?!” :O But I looked and I must have pressed something in my sleep or maybe Gin did! He was sleeping beside me! xD Omg haha I wasen’t even done writing!

      Haha oh Yeah easter lunch can get you really sleepy! I’m on my way to have dinner with my grandparents right now! 😀 Good luck with your work! Take a small nap and then you will be ready :)) Yay! Then I’ll see you there! If not I hope you have a great time with your friends! 😀 *hugs*

      • But you know i have some special powers that…no, i think you have pressed something, but when you post something new i receive an email,beause i wanted to be updated. This blog gives this kind of “service”. Anyway i hope you’ll enkoy your dinner withyour family!. <3See ya later!!!

      • I really though for a second there you were magic! Wounder woman! xD Oh what a great service! Good job blog! ^^ Ok now I fixed the blog post so it looks like it’s supposed to! No more sleep blogging! xD

  2. Te är gott men jag tycker det är svårt hitta bra te. 😦 Matbutikernas té känns mest som aromämnen med tésmak tycker jag… deras röda är okej men det saknar koffein. 🙂 Innan hade de en trevlig grön tésort som hette Ahmad från England men det är slut… Funderar på att beställa en större burk från England nån gång… 🙂

    • Ja jag är ju “tyvärr?” uppväxt på dom där halv fabrikat tee’erna så det är lite nostalgi för mig att dricka dom x) Men köper ofta te på lösvikt i en lokal te butik och dom har många goda sorter 🙂

      Ahmad har jag inte hört talas om! Ja gör det! 😀 Ska kika jag också, nu blev jag nyfiken ^^

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