Make gaming art from broken controllers!

Did you play so much you broke your controller? Don’t throw it away! Make it into art! 🙂 Here’s what you need:

• One picture frame
• A controller of your choice
• A piece of fabric or paint
• Glue
• A paint spray can with the color you want 🙂

You need a frame with a bit of room between the glass and the back of the frame. I found this square frame on Ikea called Ribba whitch was perfect!

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Take off the back of the frame and either paint or glue fabric over the whole surface and let it dry! I did the glue fabric version 🙂

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Then take your controller and cut off the cord, I pushed the leftover piece of cord back inside with a screedriver.

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Clean the controller from dust and hair and dry it! Now it’s time to paint it! 🙂 I used spray can paint in a silver color cuz I love silver ^^ (don’t spray inside, it’s kinda smelly!) 😛 And for the best result spray thin layers several times and let it dry a bit rather than trying to spray it in one go! So pretty! 😀

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When the glued fabric/painted picture back has dryed take a ruler and locate the middle of the back piece, take the pretty controller and glue it to the center in the desired angle. (Either to be hung as a square or twist it to a diamond shape) I removed the hook on the back and glued it back on in one of the corners to make mine hang as a diamond shape instead. Let it dry and then put it back into the frame! Done! 😀

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Make your own personal fitting dummy!

I’m currently building a cosplay, an armor to be exact, for this years GameX. And it’s really hard! x) I’m such a cosplay noob… Haha! Anyway! My friend found something on youtube that has been a great help, how to make your own personal fitting dummy with your measurements! (Like I said, This is not my own idea and I have no idea who to give credit to. I’m merely showing how to do it, the credit goes to you unknown youtuber! You know who you are 🙂 )

Ok! This is what you need:
• One old t-shirt that you don’t need
• One scissor
• 1-2 rolls of duct tape
• Optional material to fill it with (old newspapers maybe)
• Help from a friend who is willing to wrap you in duct tape ;D

Ok, let’s get started!

Put on the t-shirt and ask your friend to start wraping the tape around your upper body. ((we discovered that it was easier to get a good shape if you put on strips of tape rather than directly from the roll!)) When your upper body is fully covered in tape it’s scissor time! Cut open the “tape t-shirt” along the spine (be careful!!) x) Then all you need to do is take it off, tape it back together, tape over the arm/neck holes and fill it with the padding of your choice!


Mine is filled with parts of a rolled up mattress, pillow filling and some random strips of cloth. I took an old running shirt and put over it, cut off the arms and voila! DONE! 😀


Turn Gaming Keychains into Earrings and Necklaces!

This is the first and probably the simplest “do it yourself” I’m making! =) There are alot of cool gaming keychains out there. But you can’t have your keys full of keychains! Even if you really wanna! How will you find your keys?? 🙂 But worry not, I have the solution! The only thing you need is keychains, earring hooks or a necklace chain! Just remove the keychain ring and put on the earring hooks instead! Or hang it on a chain and make a necklace! DONE! 😀 I’ve made alot of gaming jewelery this way. Make them for yourself or as a present to a friend or girlfriend! ^^ Good Luck!

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