Make gaming art from broken controllers!

Did you play so much you broke your controller? Don’t throw it away! Make it into art! 🙂 Here’s what you need:

• One picture frame
• A controller of your choice
• A piece of fabric or paint
• Glue
• A paint spray can with the color you want 🙂

You need a frame with a bit of room between the glass and the back of the frame. I found this square frame on Ikea called Ribba whitch was perfect!

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Take off the back of the frame and either paint or glue fabric over the whole surface and let it dry! I did the glue fabric version 🙂

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Then take your controller and cut off the cord, I pushed the leftover piece of cord back inside with a screedriver.

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Clean the controller from dust and hair and dry it! Now it’s time to paint it! 🙂 I used spray can paint in a silver color cuz I love silver ^^ (don’t spray inside, it’s kinda smelly!) 😛 And for the best result spray thin layers several times and let it dry a bit rather than trying to spray it in one go! So pretty! 😀

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When the glued fabric/painted picture back has dryed take a ruler and locate the middle of the back piece, take the pretty controller and glue it to the center in the desired angle. (Either to be hung as a square or twist it to a diamond shape) I removed the hook on the back and glued it back on in one of the corners to make mine hang as a diamond shape instead. Let it dry and then put it back into the frame! Done! 😀

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