My cosplay progress…

I’ve been working on it for about a month, progress was very slow at first, I’ve never done something like this before AND I’m a cosplay noob!
(( only 51 days until GameX! I really need to speed up x( ))
Anyway, I don’t know the best way to make something like this so I just did it my way! =) Don’t laugh! x)

So far I have started making the front armor piece, the helmet, the gauntlets and some other small leg and back pieces. (Warning, alot of pictures!) x)

Here’s the front armor in-game..
 photo null_zps1b2c2b79.jpg
And mine! (It’s not done) x)
 photo null_zps9a43ca53.jpg

The gauntlets..
 photo null_zps6914abdb.jpg
Mine are not so pretty yet! 😦
 photo null_zpse663cdd1.jpg

The back piece..
 photo 127532d4-2fad-4ee8-bc4f-e8388cff19b4_zps016051e4.jpg

 photo null_zpsa45b1372.jpg

The hip piece..
 photo fd11eb41-de1a-496c-8be6-377f8b942913_zpse7236d39.jpg

 photo null_zps01b6483d.jpg

And the jagged crown!
 photo null_zpsf8f55dcb.jpg
(This is what happens if you accidentally sniff to much glue while making a cosplay!) ^^
 photo null_zps6ff07fae.jpg

But I have to admit I’ve had some help, my cat Kurr has been my assistant and helping me by watching over my work so I don’t make mistakes, sleeping in the middle of my work space, eating alot of yoga mat pieces and chewing on the armor!
 photo null_zpscebbdf08.jpg

 photo null_zpsd2e4cca8.jpg

 photo null_zps26f78c89.jpg

 photo null_zps89f306ba.jpg

Thanks cat-face! ^^ ❤

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