My cosplay progress…

I’ve been working on it for about a month, progress was very slow at first, I’ve never done something like this before AND I’m a cosplay noob!
(( only 51 days until GameX! I really need to speed up x( ))
Anyway, I don’t know the best way to make something like this so I just did it my way! =) Don’t laugh! x)

So far I have started making the front armor piece, the helmet, the gauntlets and some other small leg and back pieces. (Warning, alot of pictures!) x)

Here’s the front armor in-game..
 photo null_zps1b2c2b79.jpg
And mine! (It’s not done) x)
 photo null_zps9a43ca53.jpg

The gauntlets..
 photo null_zps6914abdb.jpg
Mine are not so pretty yet! 😦
 photo null_zpse663cdd1.jpg

The back piece..
 photo 127532d4-2fad-4ee8-bc4f-e8388cff19b4_zps016051e4.jpg

 photo null_zpsa45b1372.jpg

The hip piece..
 photo fd11eb41-de1a-496c-8be6-377f8b942913_zpse7236d39.jpg

 photo null_zps01b6483d.jpg

And the jagged crown!
 photo null_zpsf8f55dcb.jpg
(This is what happens if you accidentally sniff to much glue while making a cosplay!) ^^
 photo null_zps6ff07fae.jpg

But I have to admit I’ve had some help, my cat Kurr has been my assistant and helping me by watching over my work so I don’t make mistakes, sleeping in the middle of my work space, eating alot of yoga mat pieces and chewing on the armor!
 photo null_zpscebbdf08.jpg

 photo null_zpsd2e4cca8.jpg

 photo null_zps26f78c89.jpg

 photo null_zps89f306ba.jpg

Thanks cat-face! ^^ ❤

My secret cosplay!

Ok, so I realised something! I have a gaming blog but right now the only thing that gets most of my attention is my “secret cosplay”. Since I don’t have much time to play video games I don’t have anything to write about! :O So I decided to announce what my cosplay is and make sort of a “in the making posts” from now on! 😀 I gotta have something to write about right??
So.. Without further adue… for this years gameX… I’m gonna cosplay…

My khajiit from skyrim wearing the female dragon scale armor and the jagged crown!
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I’ll show my progress so far later today when I get off work! 🙂