My secret cosplay!

Ok, so I realised something! I have a gaming blog but right now the only thing that gets most of my attention is my “secret cosplay”. Since I don’t have much time to play video games I don’t have anything to write about! :O So I decided to announce what my cosplay is and make sort of a “in the making posts” from now on! 😀 I gotta have something to write about right??
So.. Without further adue… for this years gameX… I’m gonna cosplay…

My khajiit from skyrim wearing the female dragon scale armor and the jagged crown!
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I’ll show my progress so far later today when I get off work! 🙂

3 thoughts on “My secret cosplay!

  1. what did you use over the cardboard? is that just normal clay or….. ? because im making a cosplay very similar and have no idea where to even start

    • I kind of made my own method cuz like you I had no idea how to do it! I warn you it takes ALOT of time though x) First i took thick yoga/exersice mats and cut them into the shapes I needed and I used a glue gun to glue it onto the cardboard, after that I took spackle, the normal kind you use on walls and covered the mat pieces and shaped it as close as possible to how it needed to look. Then wait for it to dry, after its hard I rasped and shape the surface with rasp-tools and sand paper! (This takes forever) x( After I got all the shapes and a nice surface I used metallic pray paint. Then i made the parts in between the “metal”, it is paper clay! It takes some time before it stays the way you want it because it crackes when it dries! If you want you can check out my “cosplay” category, there are some pictures that might explain what I’m trying to say! I would not say this is the best method, the armor becomes very heavy and hard and allows minimum of bending.. the spackle will crack if you bend on it too much! But I never found another method anywhere! I hope this helped! If you are woundering about anything just ask! ^^ And good luck!!!

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