Minecraft Survival (PS3) – Online/Offline Item Duplication Trick!

So I’ve been playing Minecraft on my PS3 ALOT and I stumbled on a way to duplicate all of the items you have in your inventory while playing survival mode! And totally by accident too, I didn’t mean to cheat! x) Honest! I discovered it when I was playing and my internet connection went offline and I continued to play anyway in offline mode. The next day I was gonna continue to play and I noticed my inventory looked weird… I had all the same items that I had right before my internet cut off plus the once I had while coutinuing to play offline! :O I tried it again and it totally worked, all my items were duplicated! Now I thought I would try to explain how to do it! ^^

In online mode, make yourself a shiny new chest! ^^
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Put all the items you wish to duplicate in your inventory!
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Exit and save your game. (To make this trick work you also need to exit minecraft after you saved your game!) Now you need to enter the same game in offline mode! Go to the PS3 menu and press the triangle button on Account Management and choose “sign out”. Then start your game back up again in offline mode! The game will probably ask you if you want to sign in but just say noooooooo! ^^

Now put all the things in your inventory into the box you made while you were in online mode!
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Now you need to save and exit your game again, sign back into PSN! Start your game back up in online mode and VOILA! All your stuffx2! 😀
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You are welcome! ;D