Make your own personal fitting dummy!

I’m currently building a cosplay, an armor to be exact, for this years GameX. And it’s really hard! x) I’m such a cosplay noob… Haha! Anyway! My friend found something on youtube that has been a great help, how to make your own personal fitting dummy with your measurements! (Like I said, This is not my own idea and I have no idea who to give credit to. I’m merely showing how to do it, the credit goes to you unknown youtuber! You know who you are 🙂 )

Ok! This is what you need:
• One old t-shirt that you don’t need
• One scissor
• 1-2 rolls of duct tape
• Optional material to fill it with (old newspapers maybe)
• Help from a friend who is willing to wrap you in duct tape ;D

Ok, let’s get started!

Put on the t-shirt and ask your friend to start wraping the tape around your upper body. ((we discovered that it was easier to get a good shape if you put on strips of tape rather than directly from the roll!)) When your upper body is fully covered in tape it’s scissor time! Cut open the “tape t-shirt” along the spine (be careful!!) x) Then all you need to do is take it off, tape it back together, tape over the arm/neck holes and fill it with the padding of your choice!


Mine is filled with parts of a rolled up mattress, pillow filling and some random strips of cloth. I took an old running shirt and put over it, cut off the arms and voila! DONE! 😀


Mass Effect 2…

WARNING! This post contains some SPOILERS! If you haven’t played Mass Effect 2… Stop reading!! You have been warned! 🙂








I forgot to tell you guys! I finished mass effect 2! 😀 It was… EPIC! Wow! I wish I could erase my memory of this game and re-live it! So awesome! 😀 And garrus, what a charmer! xD I started flirting with him and he is so awkward and funny! When he was trying to get me in the mood for some “stress realese” as we called it he complemented me by saying my waist looks “very supportive”! Hahaha! xD Maybe I should have went with thane instead, he’s really cool and I get this little shiver when he calls me siha. The game was so awesome so maybe I’ll play it again and go for thane! x)

The suicide mission was really cool and exiting! I like when the last stand/defeat the evil in games has alot of action and “epicness” to it. 🙂 And I managed to keep everyone alive until the last choice of companions. Then I made a stuuuuupid mistake and sent kazumi with the survivors! x( Resulting in mordin dying… :”'( That’s so stupid of me, of course you send the weaker doctor/scientist guy with the survivors! He spends most of his days in a lab for #%}*€ sake! He was one of my favorites too.. 😦 I’m gonna re-play the suicide mission and mordin has to survive! Then I can move on to Mass Effect 3 and kick some reaper ass!!



(My jaw dropped when I saw all those reapers lurking out in dark space… :O

O… M… G… This is gonna be one h*ll of a fight!)

Turn Gaming Keychains into Earrings and Necklaces!

This is the first and probably the simplest “do it yourself” I’m making! =) There are alot of cool gaming keychains out there. But you can’t have your keys full of keychains! Even if you really wanna! How will you find your keys?? 🙂 But worry not, I have the solution! The only thing you need is keychains, earring hooks or a necklace chain! Just remove the keychain ring and put on the earring hooks instead! Or hang it on a chain and make a necklace! DONE! 😀 I’ve made alot of gaming jewelery this way. Make them for yourself or as a present to a friend or girlfriend! ^^ Good Luck!

 photo null_zpsf333dda6.jpg

 photo null_zps2619e407.jpg

 photo null_zpsaa3e703d.jpg

 photo null_zps85ad86de.jpg

My Top 5 “happy feelgood” games!

So I’ve been feeling a bit down these past few days… I guess sometimes life just sneaks up on you and slaps you in the face..! When I feel down I have a few games I turn too who always seem to cheer me up and I thought I would list my “Top 5 favorite happy-feelgood games” and share them with you. Games who always put a smile on my face! 🙂 Here they are:


5. The Sims
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I love the The Sims! You can just jump in, forget your worries for a while and play with life. Nothing serious, just do whathever, be whoever! I find it really relaxing =) And who doesn’t like the thought to just roam around and do mischief without any bad consequences! ;D


4. Little Big Planet
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What I like about this game is that it’s about 60% an awesome puzzle platformer and the other 40% is just having fun and goofing around! ^^ Add some friends and it’s just 100% fun and chaotic! And sackboy is just adorable! ^^


3. Conker’s Bad Fur Day
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If you had a bad day someone might tell you something like “it could be worse”.. This might not be what you want to hear but it is true, it could be alot worse! Like poor Conker and his bad fur day! =) This game is soooo funny! I love it! x) This is soooo my sense of humor! Playing this game always picks my mood up and makes me laugh. (And rare made some awesome platformers back then) ^^


2. LocoRoco
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Ok, this game is just happiness, awesome, portable happiness! =) Watching those cute little locorocos jump around and sing makes me feel childishly happy! I don’t even have to actually play the game, I just start it up and let them work their loco magic! I mean seriously, try to listen to the LocoRoco menu song and be sad at the same time! It can’t be done!


1. Yoshi’s Story
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With the risk of sounding like such a girl, but…. YOSHI IS SOOOOO FREAKING CUTE!!! xD He’s small, he’s green, makes cute sounds and he is just awesome! ^^ I really love the “pure happiness” feeling that is all over Yoshi’s Story! I mean the game is literally about restoring the happiness in the world! Everything is happy colors, cute sounds and cheerful music. It’s sooo cute how he growls at the monsters! xD It is IMPOSSIBLE to play this game whitout smiling! And don’t even get me started on the intro song! xD Same as the LocoRoco tune, it’s 100% contagious happiness!

Mining all day long! ( And night x) )

I got bitten by the minecraft bug again! Last night was the second time in a row we stayed up until 4am and played. The game is soooooo addictive once you start playing it. I swear I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing the pc version but I never seem to get tired of it! (Almost!) x) Last week I bought the 360 Minecraft and me and a friend tried it the day before yesterday. Let’s just say we have all been in “mining-mode” since then! 🙂
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I think this awesome song by the amazing Miracle of Sound really captures the Minecraft experience ^^


Ok, so I’m playing mass effect 2 and I’m doing Tali’s loyalty mission. We all have on our space suit helmets because of the bad environment or something… Tali always has her helmet on and looks damn cool in it also if I may say so!

And my fem. Shepard looks pretty good in hers as well!


Omg I laughed so hard when I saw him! He normaly looks so cool! Did they run out of time during the design process?? Did they let the intern do it?? He looks like he has a knitted robber mask on and some super old pilot glasses! And they are pink!! Hahaha soo funny! xD