I FINALLY got my PS4 Harddrive!

1TB!!! Oh yeah!!! xD Both me an Kurr is suuper exited! 😀 (Hopefullly it still works, the package had gotten quite a dent) xO Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
It has been torture I tell you to have a PS4 in front of you and not being able to use it!! x( But now I’m just gonna switch the HDD and I’m good to go! ^^ It’s amazing how simple it is to change the HDD on your PS4! Sony really made it user friendly, and it doesn’t affect the warranty! This is why I love Sony! <3<3 And you can really tell they love us gamers back!

My cold has gotten alot better, I'm still not 100% well though, I have this really annoying chough! :oP I really want to stream tonigth but I'm worried I'm gonna drive you guys crazy with the constant choughing! :O We'll see what happens tonight! ^^ *lotsa hugs*

6 thoughts on “I FINALLY got my PS4 Harddrive!

  1. Congrats Jenny 😀 And don’t worry about making the stream crazy xD We are imagenary people inside your head or that of your sister so we can deal with it xD

  2. Gripes, the postal service don’t know how to handle packages carefully. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Does Sony’s warranty cover damages caused by kitty fur? 🙂

    • No they really don’t! Sometimes I imagine they use packages to play soccer with before they pack them 😛 Hahaha! I like to think the good people over at Sony are cat people and understand that cat hair get EVERYWHERE! xD I bet it’s covered by the warranty.. maybe! Haha!

      • Soccer ball parcels would explain it. Sucks when I order a DVD and when it arrives the disc is rattling about in the case.

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