Sickness, Salad and Sims 3!

As some of you who watched my stream on thursday might already have guessed, I am now suuuuper sick! 😦 That stream was like a mini-docomentary on how fast a virus can spread trough the human body! xD So I have been very weak these past few days…

Since I have super high fever and my brain is so full of snot I haven’t really been able to play anything that takes to much energy… So I played The Sims 3 (no I can’t afford Sims 4 yet!) x) So I have been snuggled up in my sofa all day with everything I need around me: tea, sims, cats, juice, paper and alooooot of vitamins! I even ordered a salad to be extra healthy so I’ll get better fast! ^^ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

My sims family tree is growing slow but steady! I’m still not really used to playing the game with ageing turned on, I get so attached to my sims, I don’t want them to die! 😥 But it’s really interesting to see how much the children inherit both the parents looks! (This is old news, I know! But remember this is the first itme EVER I play sims like this, didn’t even do it in the first game! x)) ) My family is getting quite wealthy if I may say so myself! We own some real estates in town and have 3 homes, one whith I turned into a pool area! 😀 Only the best for my dear little sims! ;D My sims keep getting stuck though in front of house nr 2, really annoying! = P I have to keep reseting them so they won’t starve to death! :O Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh! Btw! Since I’m still super sick I’ll have to cancel tomorrows stream! =( Sorry guys! I’m sure I’ll get better until tuesday so I’ll see you then! ❤ *lotsa hugs*

8 thoughts on “Sickness, Salad and Sims 3!

  1. Big Hug Jenny, i hope you’ll get better soon!. Mine was a false allarm, the day after the stream i was ok, i hope it will continue like this XD. I’m working on Gnar, i hope that it will live up to the expectations. ^^ I love The Sims 3, but my family trees are just a bit unusual ^.*

    • Thank you Giada! Good thing you didn’t get sick! Beeing sick really sucks, I’ve been a wreck 😛 But thankfully I feel better now ^^ I really look forward to seeing how your Gnar turns out! 😀 Haha! Really? Unusual how? xD I wanted some unusual sims in my family tree too so I tried to get one of my sims ubducted by aliens but they won’t come and get her 😦 Stupid alien sims don’t wanna be a part of my family! xD Haha!

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