I’m the worst YouTuber…

I’ve been working on a YouTube video now for what seems like FoReVeR! It’s not a very good one, not at all.. but it’s almost done! The thing is I’m terrified! :O For some reason whenever I’m almost done I panic and find something i just HAVE to change! The video is not good, and it’s not supposed to be good since it’s my first try! xD But still I feel this icredible pressure, YouTube ia a scary and wounderful place, I just feel so scared for some reason! And I keep changing it and changing it… x( I guess I should just take the leap (of faith??) and press upload, would someone come over here and hold my hand while I do it? x( I’m just gonna change one more thing, I need to record voice over for a part of the video, but I can’t do it now cuz I’m sick! 😦 I sound very weird and snotty! xD Or maybe I should just do it.. snot or no snot.. just record and be done! Oh now I’m getting scared again… my tummy hurts! x( *hides*

7 thoughts on “I’m the worst YouTuber…

  1. I wish I could do something Jenny I wish I was a part of you guys again I feel like a huge part of me is missing I’m 900 miles away from home and all I feel is helplessness

    • Thank you padapod! But you are a part of us whenever you are! Remember we are all cheering you on! You have a little army of cheerleaders waiting for your return on the stream πŸ™‚ ❀

  2. I’m so sorry Jen..really wish to hep you çç. <This video will be amazing, just take your time..at first you should get better and relax , enjoing your vacation that will be awesome!!.. You can dedicate the video the time u want. It should be a pleasure, not a stress! . I'm so sorry to be so helpless and not so present..but i want u to know that you're one of my heroes and i'm cheerleading u!! ** i will be on vacation from 19th july to 26th july and i will finally watch your streams from the beginning until the end, so excited!!! **. Anyway dear, do your best and it will be great. Just be you, we all love u for who you are! ❀

  3. On my way Jenny xD Just upload it xD I’m sure it won’t be ( that ) bad πŸ™‚ No i’m kidding i’m sure it’s gonna be good and if notice something that could improve you can Always do it with the next video πŸ™‚

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