A Gamer’s Workout Vlog – Day 3


New YouTube Video!

Making youtube videos is sooooooooo much easier now that my computer got re-installed with the new SSD! Omg it’s so much faster! It’s amazing! I don’t even know how I had the patience to make videos before! XD

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The video I made was the Arcade Block unboxing for March 2016. If you want to check out the video I made click here! ^^

Better Late Than Never! Right?? x)

About a month ago I celebrated 1 year as a streamer! It was on August 7th (and yes I am a bit late on posting it here x) But just a tiiiny bit! ;D ) Time has really been flying, but better late than never I guess! It’s been an awesome year and I made a youtube video to thank all my viewers and celebrate the 1 year mark. Hope you like it! ā¤

I’m the worst YouTuber…

I’ve been working on a YouTube video now for what seems like FoReVeR! It’s not a very good one, not at all.. but it’s almost done! The thing is I’m terrified! :O For some reason whenever I’m almost done I panic and find something i just HAVE to change! The video is not good, and it’s not supposed to be good since it’s my first try! xD But still I feel this icredible pressure, YouTube ia a scary and wounderful place, I just feel so scared for some reason! And I keep changing it and changing it… x( I guess I should just take the leap (of faith??) and press upload, would someone come over here and hold my hand while I do it? x( I’m just gonna change one more thing, I need to record voice over for a part of the video, but I can’t do it now cuz I’m sick! šŸ˜¦ I sound very weird and snotty! xD Or maybe I should just do it.. snot or no snot.. just record and be done! Oh now I’m getting scared again… my tummy hurts! x( *hides*

Video Games: The Movie, The Amazing Kate and Dr. Who!

Thank god for Youtube and Netflix or I would have been soooo bored these days I’ve been sick! I’ve watched a ton of Dr.Who (thought the Dr would make me feel better) šŸ˜€ I started watching Dr. Who a few months ago and I had a plan to only watch a few episodes here and there to make it “last longer” until I catch up where the series is right now… But now I’ve been watching non stop! Plan failed! xD But atleast I’ve been entertained!

I also watched a really great documentary movie about video games called Video Games: The Movie. It tells the history about videogames, what it means to be a gamer, how they are made and where video games are headed in the future! They talk to developers and gamers and it was really interesting, I really recommend it! ^^

Oh! Oh! And I also dicovered that my FAVORITE Youtube vlogger had returned after beeing away from Youtube for ages! She was going truh some tough times and apparently on top of everything someone had hacked her Youtube and deleted EVERYTHING! 3 years worth of vlogging and her income GONE! Who would do this to another person?!? That it despicable! What a horrible thing to do to someone else! To just ruin everything they worked for so long.. I feelt so sorry for her but I know she is strong and I was soooo happy to see she is back! Her name is Kate and she is so awesome! She’s a gamer, cosplayer and vlogger, so funny and a total sweetheart! She is inspiring in so many ways! If you want to check her out CLICK HERE! ^^

After all this Netflix, Youtube and rest I finally feel better! šŸ˜€ So I will be back streaming tomorrow! Yay! šŸ˜€ So I’ll see you guy tomorrow! <3<3<3