No one messes with MY hamster!

I have spent my friday night playing the citadel DLC for mass effect 3 and I love it! It’s awesome! 😀 The interactions and conversations that Shepard and the crew has are excellent! Hilarious at some points! xD I’m not gonna spoil anything but If you are a ME fan and have not played this DLC I highly recommend you do! It will leave you with a smile on your face! ^^  photo 1645FC2A-FAEA-4B85-8320-04AB4C0BF2CA_zpsgjno3p6x.jpg photo DFD18E2B-2F40-44F7-A587-55A5AE199368_zpsu4wx6ipb.jpg ((“Go for the eyes!” Baldur’s Gate reference?? xD ))

YAY! My hamster! :D

I’m playing mass effect 3 and I was running around down in engineering of the normandy. I noticed here and there these red semi circles that show up when you can interact or pick something up flashed sometimes and then disappeared… I thougth it might be a bug but I tried running around and just spamming the X button. And suddenly I picked something up…. And it was….. MY SPACE HAMSTER! 😀
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YAY! I missed you little guy! (It may not be the same hamster I had in ME 2 but I’d like to think so!) ^^
I also finished the leviathan DLC and I got to bring a husk head to my cabin… But I have kind of changed my mind about taking it now… It’s really all kinds of creepy! xO

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xD Haha oh well! I take it there is no refund options! And also I learned that Garrus wanted to be a painter growing up! But now he only.. and I quote “only paints walls with reaper blood” xD Haha! Poor garrus! At least he makes the most of it! lol