Leading the Patapons to Victoty and Making a Lottery!

After finishing Mass Effect 3 I thought it was time I sat down and play trough a game that I’ve playing on and off for like years! Patapon! ^^ I never got around to beating it because it was so “€%&# hard! So I started up a new save and played from the beginning, turns out the game was not that hard! On my first save it had somehow bugged and every minigame but the one with the tree was nowhere to be found. So when I started playing the second time I found alot of stuff that was missing in the first! xD The stew minigame really makes all the difference so this time it was not as hard and I beat the game yesterday 😀 Wooohoo! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh, btw.. Playing Mass Effect 3 got me thinking, I REALLY tend to spend to much time on 1 single game. I mean I restarted it like 3 times because I wanted to do something different that I did before, or like playing the citadel DLC 2-3 times x) I have tons of games that I havent even played yet so I need to learn to “just play” a game! I suffer from the I-have-to-talk-to-everyone-a-million-times-and-collect-all-treasures-items-weapons-collectibles-and-get-all-trophys syndrome… (Yeah, it’s a real thing) ;D

Of course I’m still gonna do this with the games I LOVE, but just not all games! (This is gonna be a huge time saver! xD ) I also made up a fun way to catch up. I looked trough my collection and wrote down the names of the games I haven’t played on small notes, making it into a lottery x) So now all I have to do is take one and I know what to play next! ^^ (I never thought it would be this many! :O It’s like half of the games I own! xO But probably half of the once I wrote are games I started playing but somehow never finished, It’s high time I fix that) So since I need something to play tonight I took one from the lottery box, and the winner is…. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
I guess I’m killing zombies tonight! ^^ Hope you all have a great night! **Lotsa hugs!**

Imperials or Stormcloaks?

I know! I should be finishing Mass Effect 3! But somehow my brain decided I should play skyrim tonight instead! Haha brain-plsss! x) But it’s a great game and the heart wants what the heart wants I guess! Haha! But anyway, as I was going trough my quest log looking at the quests that I had not finished yet and I realized something rather embarrassing…. Of all the hundreds of hours I’ve spent in the wounderous land of skyrim I TOTALLY forgot about the “choosing sides” thing! Imperials or stormcloaks? You see I’m new to The Elder Scrolls universe, I never really got into any of the other TES games somehow, so when I started playing Skyrim I had NO back-story whatsoever on either sides… So I was like “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WICH ONE TO CHOOSE???” :O “Oh well, I will play on for a while and choose later when I know more about them…” But the more I found out about both of them it seemed like it was like coosing between plague or cholera! Like “do you want me to kick you in the left nut or the right??” SERIOUSLY! And I don’t even have nuts! x) Ok, let’s break this down:

The Imperials
These guys REALLY don’t know how to make an first impression because right at the start of the game they try to CHOP MY HEAD OFF! And for no reason at all really! “oh, your name is not on the list, well whatever! Off with your head anyways!” Whaaat? These guys are jerks right from the start! And then there is the fact that the imperials are totally corrupted and so whipped by those smug Thalmor! They outlawed the worship of Talos and those imperial wusses just stood ther and took it, letting the thalmor take over! *shakes head* The thalmor now have the imperials wrapped around their fingers and are totally in controll, they even captured Ulfric Stormcloak at one point but realesed him in order to keep the war between the Imperials and Stormcloaks going for their own gain! To weaken skyrim and ultimatley try to take over… douche-bags! xP

The Stormcloaks
Well for starters they seem really racist to be honest, like nobody but the nords should be allowed into skyrim! 😛 This actually gets quite tiresome after a while.. And their leader Ulfric is sooo full of himself! Wow! he is really something, something bad 😛 He only seems intrested in trying to take the throne for himself, by any means possible, he doesn’t care who he hurts. And challengeing skyrims high king to a duel and then using the thu’um to take him down! A really cheap way to win I’d say, not so much moral to be found here… And like I said he seems to be in cahoots with those damn thalmor too!

Well, I think there should be a third option! Join forces with both sides and go hunt those thalmor right out of skyrim! And when they are long gone I become high king of skyrim! The Dovah-king if you will! xD That would be awesome! haha! ^^ I was discussing this with a dear gamer friend and he said maybe you can make a mod and make it happen! (Sounds hard though) xO

Well I’m probably gonna end up trying both sides, but honestly it does not seem to be a case of “the good guys or the bad guys” here! Just two kinds of bad, trying to do good in their own way I guess! Did you play skyrim? What side did you choose?

My blog is “broken”! x(

So I figured out what the problem is, apparently I ran out of bandwidth on my photobucket account! 😦 Kind of annoying but totally fixable! It even resets every month ^^ But I can fix it now by upgrading to their plus account for a small fee and I’ll have unlimited bandwidth. The thing is when I try to do so I get a error message and it won’t let me pay 😦 Soooo frustrating! I wrote them about this problem and hopefully they will help me fix it soon! Otherwise everything will be back to normal at the 1st next month! But until then I’ll have to do “all text posts” ((How will I survive?? I love taking pictures!)) x)) But oh well! I’ll just have to make due until then!

I’ve been working all weekend! Morning to night : P It really makes you tired! But today I had a short day, 6am – 11am! “I’ll run home and play mass effect 3 all day” I thought! 😀 But when I got home I totally had a game over and I fell asleep! (Didn’t even have time to change out of my work clothes before I was out) x) I just woke up and it’s now 17.30! Wow I sleept all day! X( Haha! Oh well, I feel like I have a cold coming on so maybe my body needed some extra sleep! But now I need to get out of bed (If Gin the cuddle-monster will let me), eat some food and play for the rest of the day! ^^ Hope you all have a great day! **hugs** ^^^

No one messes with MY hamster!

I have spent my friday night playing the citadel DLC for mass effect 3 and I love it! It’s awesome! 😀 The interactions and conversations that Shepard and the crew has are excellent! Hilarious at some points! xD I’m not gonna spoil anything but If you are a ME fan and have not played this DLC I highly recommend you do! It will leave you with a smile on your face! ^^  photo 1645FC2A-FAEA-4B85-8320-04AB4C0BF2CA_zpsgjno3p6x.jpg photo DFD18E2B-2F40-44F7-A587-55A5AE199368_zpsu4wx6ipb.jpg ((“Go for the eyes!” Baldur’s Gate reference?? xD ))

I’m home sick today.. :(

Not feeling very well at all! So I have spent the day catching up on some reading… Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos And playing Mass Effect 3! Thankfully none of those activities require a whole lot energy! ^^^ (Btw! If you haven’t read 5 very good reasons to punch a dolfin in the mouth you really need to check it out! It’s hilarious!)

I’m slowly progressing in mass effect today 😛 Gotta pause to get my energy levels up between missions! x) I noticed some funny signs on our refrigerator on the normandy, so basicly this means no guns or alien heads alowed in there?? x) lol Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos I also tried to get some consolation cuddles from my boyfriend Garrus but he turned me down 😦 Maybe he didn’t want to get sick too! x) Oh well!

A Night in Space!

I have spent my evening in space with Shepard gathering war allies! And I will probably be playing until I fall asleep! xD

In the meantime here is something to keep you entertained! A God of War honest trailer! I almost laughed my space suite off!

Hope you enjoy! Now space needs me! ^^

YAY! My hamster! :D

I’m playing mass effect 3 and I was running around down in engineering of the normandy. I noticed here and there these red semi circles that show up when you can interact or pick something up flashed sometimes and then disappeared… I thougth it might be a bug but I tried running around and just spamming the X button. And suddenly I picked something up…. And it was….. MY SPACE HAMSTER! 😀
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
YAY! I missed you little guy! (It may not be the same hamster I had in ME 2 but I’d like to think so!) ^^
I also finished the leviathan DLC and I got to bring a husk head to my cabin… But I have kind of changed my mind about taking it now… It’s really all kinds of creepy! xO

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
xD Haha oh well! I take it there is no refund options! And also I learned that Garrus wanted to be a painter growing up! But now he only.. and I quote “only paints walls with reaper blood” xD Haha! Poor garrus! At least he makes the most of it! lol

Sick-day nr 4…

I started playing mass effect 3 last night, or more like early morning today! x) Couldn’t sleep because of my cold =( Finally! It’s about time I played this game! Those reapers won’t know what hit them! ^^ Since I’m still sick this has been my view pretty much the whole day! (Including the cat! He’s so cuddly) ^^
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos But now I guess I better go to bed, I decided to go back to work tomorrow! I don’t wanna be sick no more so I’m gonna pretend I’m not! x) Hope it works… Wish me luck! lol! Good night!! ^^ *Lot’s of hugs*