Problems with streaming :(

I’ve been trying to setup my stream today on Twitch but It just keeps buffering every 10-15 seconds! It’s really annoying x( I tried both the program that came with the Elgato Game Capture HD and another called OBS. Both work great exept for the buffering problem. It feels like tried everything! I’ve followed like 50 different guides, tried lowering every setting… still it buffers like crazy! =( Does anyone out there know how to fix this?? Is my streaming career doomed before it even started? 😦 HEEEEEEEELP! :”””(

My blog is “broken”! x(

So I figured out what the problem is, apparently I ran out of bandwidth on my photobucket account! 😦 Kind of annoying but totally fixable! It even resets every month ^^ But I can fix it now by upgrading to their plus account for a small fee and I’ll have unlimited bandwidth. The thing is when I try to do so I get a error message and it won’t let me pay 😦 Soooo frustrating! I wrote them about this problem and hopefully they will help me fix it soon! Otherwise everything will be back to normal at the 1st next month! But until then I’ll have to do “all text posts” ((How will I survive?? I love taking pictures!)) x)) But oh well! I’ll just have to make due until then!

I’ve been working all weekend! Morning to night : P It really makes you tired! But today I had a short day, 6am – 11am! “I’ll run home and play mass effect 3 all day” I thought! 😀 But when I got home I totally had a game over and I fell asleep! (Didn’t even have time to change out of my work clothes before I was out) x) I just woke up and it’s now 17.30! Wow I sleept all day! X( Haha! Oh well, I feel like I have a cold coming on so maybe my body needed some extra sleep! But now I need to get out of bed (If Gin the cuddle-monster will let me), eat some food and play for the rest of the day! ^^ Hope you all have a great day! **hugs** ^^^