YAY! My hamster! :D

I’m playing mass effect 3 and I was running around down in engineering of the normandy. I noticed here and there these red semi circles that show up when you can interact or pick something up flashed sometimes and then disappeared… I thougth it might be a bug but I tried running around and just spamming the X button. And suddenly I picked something up…. And it was….. MY SPACE HAMSTER! 😀
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YAY! I missed you little guy! (It may not be the same hamster I had in ME 2 but I’d like to think so!) ^^
I also finished the leviathan DLC and I got to bring a husk head to my cabin… But I have kind of changed my mind about taking it now… It’s really all kinds of creepy! xO

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xD Haha oh well! I take it there is no refund options! And also I learned that Garrus wanted to be a painter growing up! But now he only.. and I quote “only paints walls with reaper blood” xD Haha! Poor garrus! At least he makes the most of it! lol

Space Hamster!

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Awwwwwww! Of course I need a space hamster! ^^ So cute! And it doesn’t seem to require me feeding it! Perfect! (Since I don’t want it to suffer the same fate as all the poor fish I bought so far) xD If you’re busy trying to save the universe and stuff It’s not easy to remember to feed the fish!

I’ve been really hooked on Mass Effect 2 the past days! And I love it!! There is sooo much to do and I feel there is alot more depth in the quests compared to Mass Effect 1! Don’t worry, I won’t write any spoilers =) I’m really enjoying the loyalty quests, you get the chance to bound more with your comrades. And there is alot of different types of personalities to get to know and learn their stories.. I like it, but I don’t know if Joker agrees with me.. =)

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