I Finished Dead Rising!!!

At first I found this game quite frustrating but after a while, once I learned how to find my way around and that save points are your best friends, it was so much fun! ^^ I really liked it! The only thing I didn’t like was the time aspect, I tend to get really stressed when I play games with time limits πŸ˜› But I did what I said and I would and I “just played”! I didn’t even save half of the survivors but to be honest most of them was so stupid due to the lacking AI so they kind of killed themselfs, I figured they didn’t really want to be saved! x) And what is up with the bad guys in this game?? Not only do they capture me and take all my weapons but they steal my clothes too!? (They stole my ratman shirt :'(((( *sob*) Haha! Must be some kind of crazy fetish! x)

Well anyway, this means it was time to pick a new game to play in my game lottery! I was hoping for a PS3 game so I get to collect some trophies… I did get a PS3 game but unfortunately one that doesn’t have any trophies! x( Oh well! The game I’m playing next is…..

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((Omg the game knows my name! :O That’s kinda kreepy! ;D Haha!))

Leading the Patapons to Victoty and Making a Lottery!

After finishing Mass Effect 3 I thought it was time I sat down and play trough a game that I’ve playing on and off for like years! Patapon! ^^ I never got around to beating it because it was so “€%&# hard! So I started up a new save and played from the beginning, turns out the game was not that hard! On my first save it had somehow bugged and every minigame but the one with the tree was nowhere to be found. So when I started playing the second time I found alot of stuff that was missing in the first! xD The stew minigame really makes all the difference so this time it was not as hard and I beat the game yesterday πŸ˜€ Wooohoo! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh, btw.. Playing Mass Effect 3 got me thinking, I REALLY tend to spend to much time on 1 single game. I mean I restarted it like 3 times because I wanted to do something different that I did before, or like playing the citadel DLC 2-3 times x) I have tons of games that I havent even played yet so I need to learn to “just play” a game! I suffer from the I-have-to-talk-to-everyone-a-million-times-and-collect-all-treasures-items-weapons-collectibles-and-get-all-trophys syndrome… (Yeah, it’s a real thing) ;D

Of course I’m still gonna do this with the games I LOVE, but just not all games! (This is gonna be a huge time saver! xD ) I also made up a fun way to catch up. I looked trough my collection and wrote down the names of the games I haven’t played on small notes, making it into a lottery x) So now all I have to do is take one and I know what to play next! ^^ (I never thought it would be this many! :O It’s like half of the games I own! xO But probably half of the once I wrote are games I started playing but somehow never finished, It’s high time I fix that) So since I need something to play tonight I took one from the lottery box, and the winner is…. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
I guess I’m killing zombies tonight! ^^ Hope you all have a great night! **Lotsa hugs!**

My Collection Episode 4! ^^

Today’s episode will be a short one and the theme is Xbox! You see, I have always preferred playstation over Xbox so I don’t have many games at all! But I do have a few so here they are! ^^

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XBOX 360
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos (Look how pretty my 360 is now! πŸ˜€ Thanks big brother!) ^^

And that’s it! :O Short huh?? But don’t be sad, here are some bloopers! x)
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos The cats are always “helping” me with these pictures and this time so was my sister! x) Peace sis!