The Darkness is no more…

I really enjoyed playing the darkness, it was quite relaxing actually to play a ps3 title without trophies! xD And it had a great but dark story… I just finished it! ^^ It really seems like they put alot of thought into making the enviorment in this game, like the grafitti ((I found alot of them in swedish)) Kind of a nice touch by Starbreeze Studios. And another really cool feature that I LOVED is that the tv’s in the game actually show real movies and series! :O Not many people know this about me but I happen to be a BIG fan of old classic movies! (Charlie Chaplin is my favorite) ^^ So It was really cool to flip the channels and see titles like How to Kill a Mockingbird, The Man With The Golden Arm, Popeye and Flash Gordon! They should put this in more games! It was awesome! 😀 But kind of funny if you started thinking about it! Here I am, sitting in my livingroom playing a game… where I sit in a livingroom wathing a movie on the tv… in the game x)) The tv, in the tv… Haha! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Now that I’m done with The Darkness it’s time for a new game! But I think I’ll let the lottery rest this time because I really enjoyed both Dead Rising and The Darkness and I own the 2nd game of both of them so I might as well play them now! ^^ ((Also I need to get me some tropies! It’s been waaay too long since I heard that *pling*! xD I needsssss it!)) But not tonight, I need to go to bed soon cuz I have work early in the morning… So me and the cats are just casually playing some Order Up before bed! ^^ Such a silly but fun cooking game! 😀 Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Good night everyone and sweet dreams! Or have a great day depending where you are! ^^ *lotsa hugs*

I Finished Dead Rising!!!

At first I found this game quite frustrating but after a while, once I learned how to find my way around and that save points are your best friends, it was so much fun! ^^ I really liked it! The only thing I didn’t like was the time aspect, I tend to get really stressed when I play games with time limits 😛 But I did what I said and I would and I “just played”! I didn’t even save half of the survivors but to be honest most of them was so stupid due to the lacking AI so they kind of killed themselfs, I figured they didn’t really want to be saved! x) And what is up with the bad guys in this game?? Not only do they capture me and take all my weapons but they steal my clothes too!? (They stole my ratman shirt :'(((( *sob*) Haha! Must be some kind of crazy fetish! x)

Well anyway, this means it was time to pick a new game to play in my game lottery! I was hoping for a PS3 game so I get to collect some trophies… I did get a PS3 game but unfortunately one that doesn’t have any trophies! x( Oh well! The game I’m playing next is…..

The Darkness Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
((Omg the game knows my name! :O That’s kinda kreepy! ;D Haha!))