A Night in Space!

I have spent my evening in space with Shepard gathering war allies! And I will probably be playing until I fall asleep! xD

In the meantime here is something to keep you entertained! A God of War honest trailer! I almost laughed my space suite off!

Hope you enjoy! Now space needs me! ^^

YAY! My hamster! :D

I’m playing mass effect 3 and I was running around down in engineering of the normandy. I noticed here and there these red semi circles that show up when you can interact or pick something up flashed sometimes and then disappeared… I thougth it might be a bug but I tried running around and just spamming the X button. And suddenly I picked something up…. And it was….. MY SPACE HAMSTER! πŸ˜€
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YAY! I missed you little guy! (It may not be the same hamster I had in ME 2 but I’d like to think so!) ^^
I also finished the leviathan DLC and I got to bring a husk head to my cabin… But I have kind of changed my mind about taking it now… It’s really all kinds of creepy! xO

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xD Haha oh well! I take it there is no refund options! And also I learned that Garrus wanted to be a painter growing up! But now he only.. and I quote “only paints walls with reaper blood” xD Haha! Poor garrus! At least he makes the most of it! lol

Sick-day nr 4…

I started playing mass effect 3 last night, or more like early morning today! x) Couldn’t sleep because of my cold =( Finally! It’s about time I played this game! Those reapers won’t know what hit them! ^^ Since I’m still sick this has been my view pretty much the whole day! (Including the cat! He’s so cuddly) ^^
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos But now I guess I better go to bed, I decided to go back to work tomorrow! I don’t wanna be sick no more so I’m gonna pretend I’m not! x) Hope it works… Wish me luck! lol! Good night!! ^^ *Lot’s of hugs*

Sick-day nr 3!

I’m still sick 😦 But today I’m not a snotty pirate anymore! Today I have spent the day in space! I’m a snotty female shepard! πŸ˜€ After finishing the AC black flag DLS’s yesterday I realized I had some more DLC’s to play trough in mass effect 2 before I can start mass effect 3… so that’s what I’ve been doing today! Now I just need to replay the suicide mission and then I can start kicking some reaper butt in ME3! ;D

Oh! Yesterday the doorbell rang, when I opened it there was my friend and she gave me a mystery bag, then she ran away and yelled over her shoulder “I don’t wanna catch your cold, follow the intructions! byyyyye!” x) It turned out to be a get better/cold survival kit! πŸ˜€ Filled with alot of weird pills and other anti-cold stuff! It was sooo sweet! ❀
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Exept for this beeing a super sweet gesture, there is another reason that I’m telling you about it… The chocolate…. OMG the chocolate!!!! XD I normally LOVE chocolate (maybe a bit more than a normal person does actually) x) And another thing I love just as much is salty liquorice… This was both of them… COMBINED! :O Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
OMG! It was the best I’ve ever had! I’m obsessed with it! I had to put it away before I ate the whole box! xD So! If you’re like me then do yourself a favour and try this chocolate! You won’t be sorry! (Or maybe you will because you will not be able to stop eating it, like me!) I’m hooked! ;D

Space Hamster!

 photo null_zpsa6aaadc7.jpg

Awwwwwww! Of course I need a space hamster! ^^ So cute! And it doesn’t seem to require me feeding it! Perfect! (Since I don’t want it to suffer the same fate as all the poor fish I bought so far) xD If you’re busy trying to save the universe and stuff It’s not easy to remember to feed the fish!

I’ve been really hooked on Mass Effect 2 the past days! And I love it!! There is sooo much to do and I feel there is alot more depth in the quests compared to Mass Effect 1! Don’t worry, I won’t write any spoilers =) I’m really enjoying the loyalty quests, you get the chance to bound more with your comrades. And there is alot of different types of personalities to get to know and learn their stories.. I like it, but I don’t know if Joker agrees with me.. =)

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Mass Effect is awesome!

I’ve been playing Mass Effect for a few days now and I must say I like it alot more than I thought I would! The story is really gripping and exiting! My urges to go back to skyrim is slowly wearing off, maybe I don’t have to go to skyrim rehab after all! ^^

I’m a little disappointed in shepards romantic options so far though, I didn’t really like kaidan that much from the beginning. He was the only one who constantly died in fights, and he started flirting right away : P But I turned him down! Then the blue chick with a squid on her head (liara?) started flirting as soon she came on board! But I don’t swing that way, whatever way hers may be since they don’t seem to have a certain gender X) I hope I get more options further along the game..! Like garrus! He is really cool and for some reason I just love his voice! πŸ˜€ This led to me listening more to the sound of his voice more than what he was actually saying… And this happened =)

 photo krogantesticles_zps2270969d.jpg

Try not to be tooooooo jealous about my MAD paint skills!!! xD HAHAHA!


THIS is NOT what I wanted to see when I plugged in Mass Effect!!!  photo null_zps7aa2fdc0.jpg
Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! x””'( I knew my PS3 hard drive was running low on space and it’s the resason I haven’t bought the Assassins Creed 3 DLC’s though I REALLY wanted too, but this is a massive amount of space required in order to install the Mass Effect files! Like 4GB of space!!! Omg the anguish! I had to sit all day and decide what to keep and what I could accept to part from…………. (It was really hard!!) = ( After I finally got the required amount of disk space the installation started and now I am left with 288MB of free space on my PS3… Yeah, you heard me! 288MB… I’m gonna have to buy a new HDD for it ASAP or there will be no more new games on my PS3 for a while. (How will I survive that?!?) No no noooo, no can do! Oh Mass Effect, I hope you are worth all this hassle!  photo null_zpse4553d2d.jpg
((No you’re overreacting! = P))