A Gamer In Gothenburg!

Oh well! My vacation just flew by! The last week of it was spent in Gothenburg here in Sweden, we where visiting my brother and his family for a few days. On the 7 hour train ride it takes from where we live to get to Gothenburg I was mostly asleep but I also got some gaming done. I played Patapon 1 on PSP! (patta patta patta pon) ^^
When we finally arrived in Gothenburg we went to an amusement park called Liseberg =)
 photo null_zps14625b78.jpg
 photo null_zps0d773839.jpg
 photo null_zps766d6561.jpg
We pretty much rode all the carousels and they were all fun, but there was one who only inflicted pure terror…. AtmosFear! It’s the second highest free fall in the world! I thought my video gaming days were over… either I die from fear or the fall! X) But luckily I survived and after our close death experience we went to the arcade to calm down a bit, and I ate the biggest ice cream I’ve ever seen! ^^

 photo null_zps0d916ba3.jpg
 photo null_zpscd625827.jpg(The ninjas in the background wish to stay anonymous, or at least I’m guessing they do! ^^)

I brought my 3DS on our trip cuz I thought I would get lots and lots of Street Pass hits (since I was in a big city and all) but I only got 4 in total =( Bummer.. I guess I’ll have to wait until november when GameX in Stockholm is due! When it was time to hop on the train again for the 7 hour ride home I was feeling a bit retro 🙂 I played through some old Game Boy games: Kirby’s Dream Land 1 & 2, Super Mario Land 1 & 2, Balloon Kid and came about halfway through Trip World before we finally got home…
 photo null_zpse11640f6.jpg

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