Hack’n SLASH!

Both me and my brother recently bought ourselves a PS Vita so we thought we would have a little gaming session =) After looking trough store we found a game that seemed like fun, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. It’s a roleplayer game hack’n slash style, reminds me alot of Untold Legends for psp. Think “diablo-light” =)
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It was actually quite fun! There are three classes to choose from (warrior, mage and rogue) I played a warrior (there is nothing more fun than to run into a horde of monsters swinging a two-handed weapon like crazy, riiight?? xD ) My brother played a mage. The game setup is nothing new for people who has played diablo and such games before (Do quests, level up, train skills, save the world) =)
You also have a little fairy with you whom you control with the back of the PS Vita, she trows spells and aids you in your battles. The game also supports online play with upto 4 players, seems like a nice game even though it was cheap! =)
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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