Cosplay Worries…

My very first time cosplaying was last year at a game-con called GameX here in Sweden. I started making my costume really late and didn’t finish it until like 4am the same morning as the day of the con (I still was not 100% happy with it =P ) But still, it was really super fun and I was so pumped up about making a new and better one for this years GameX! I’ve decided what I want to do (It will be a suprise ;D) but I think I might have taken on too much x( I’ts less than 100 days left and I havent even started! And I never really done anything like this before either… But I really want to do it! Oh the agony! x) Where do I start?? I’m such a cosplay noob… I really hope I find the inspiration I need to get myself started soon so we can have as much fun this year too!
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