Look what I just got in the mail! ^^

Before Conker became the beloved drunken ball of fur we all know him as in Conker’s Bad Fur Day he was actually an E-rated kind of guy! ^^ Who would have thought?? lol! He was the star of the very cute game boy game called Conker’s Pocket Tales! The plot is to save your girl and find your lost birthday presents! (Adorable!! x) ) And that game just arrived in my mail this morning! ^^ Yay! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos I’ve been wanting this game for years but never got around to buying it! Now I finally did! 😀 Sadly a day after I bought it a copy with box and everything popped up.. and not that much more expensive either! 😛 Typical! x( Maybe I’ll just buy that too! lol! Gotta have the box right?? ;D

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