Black or white?

I was away on a cruise for the weekend and forgot to write here before we left! (Ok, I’ll be honest.. I’m the BIGGEST time optimist there is so I basicly stayed up too long playing Mass Effect 3 instead of packing my bag the day before and the day after I was in “OMG I HAVE TO PACK-Mode”!) Haha! We had alot of fun on the cruise but now it’s back to reality again.. work and more work! I had so much to do these past 2 days I had no time over to play any games at all! I wish someone would hire me to just play video games all day! Any takers? ……..No? Oh deeem!!! x) Gotta try huh?? Haha!

Well anyway, I was looking around on Instagram the other day and someone had posted a picture of their Assassins Creed Ezio figurine. This vas a painful reminder of the lacking of an ezio on my own AC shelf! He is my favorite assassin too! And I have all the other assassins BUT him! x)) I guess it’s because when I was looking for him I never found one I liked, the face was weird or something else was wrong.. Then eventually I just forgot to keep looking. This one he posted looked pretty awesome though and its high time I buy myself an Ezio! He told me where to find it but now the problem is… Do I want the black or the white??
 photo bc3682a145d1dfc682d8259526a6b9f5_zpsf05bdd4e.jpg

The white is more the classic cool assassin but the black is so awesome too! The black is the one I used mostly in the game… But the white is the one I have cosplayed…. AAAH! Help me choose! Witch one do you like more?? Vote… NOW! lol ^^

4 thoughts on “Black or white?

    • Haha I guess that works but that also is a super chance depending on which you make heads or tails. Lol I’m sure you will figure it out!

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