Finally we’re here! ^^

After a 8 hour drive we arrived at our destination! 😀 Gothenburg! We got here pretty late, at like 9pm. And the first thing that happens, before we even check into the hotel, is that one of Sweden’s most popular game-bloggers came right up and talked to me! :O ((It’s so weird to talk to people IRL whos blog you followed for yeaaars!)) My swedish readers probably knows them… GamingGrannar! 😀 (I love your blog guys, you are all really awesome!) I was so tired after the long drive, exited and suprised all at the same time.. So sorry DAVE, I also get really nervous when talking to new pepole! x)) Hehe!

And like 3 minutes after that another really cool thing happened! We got our room keys and stepped into the elevator, and this guy in the elevator said he remembered me.. from GameX.. two years ago! :O When I was cosplaying an assassin! That is amazing! You sir have a really impressive memory! ^^

Now I really should get some sleep. I can’t wait until tomorrow! RSM!!! It’s gonna be sooo much fun! 😀 Good night guys! ^^

2 thoughts on “Finally we’re here! ^^

  1. Bra att du fick Spel&sånt på bild!
    Stort att Gaminggrannar kommer fram 🙂
    Och nej Jenny, han har inte bra minne..
    Det är du som är lätt att komma ihåg^^^

    • Det första som hände när vi parkerade vid hotellet var att dom gled förbi! Jag kastade mig ut och sprang efter med kameran i högsta hugg! xD haha! Ja Dave chockade mig lite där, har aldrig vågat prata med dom innan men han var jätte trevlig 🙂 Haha… ärsh då.. x) va snäll du är! ^^^

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