WEEK OF HELL! Summary so far…

Oh wow, I knew this week was gonna be though, but I never imagined this… It’s at least 3 times as bad! And I’ve been generally blue shelled by life constantly these past few days! : P Starting with my vaication getting postponed… blue shelled! Ordered my favorite “super salty liqorice” candy to comfort myself about my vaication, they seem to have forgotten to put in the most important ingredient, the salty stuff! They taste sweet! Yuck! x P Blue shelled! I lost my lucky 1-Up mushroom plushie I’ve had hanging on my handbag for the past 4 years… 😥 blue shelled! We have been so swamped at work I didn’t even have time to eat lunch on monday or yesterday… blue shelled! And yesterday, due to the chaos at work, I worked from 7am to 20:30pm… Ever tried running around like a maniac not eating or sitting down once for almost 14 hours? I don’t recommend it.. : P Blue shelled!!! And I’ve almost not been able to play anything for days, just a little Mario Kart 8 (Ironic huh? = P) Blue shelled! And this week is just halfway trough! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Only 2 more days to go, then I’m not lifting a finger for at least 4 days, not counting my thumbs! ;D Wish me luck! **Hugs**

3 thoughts on “WEEK OF HELL! Summary so far…

  1. Damn sweetie I hope your able to get some well deserved rest darlin. That sounds like two terrible days I had a hell week last week I hope it goes by fast.

  2. Asså jag gråter nästan när jag hör hur du har det 😦 vi andra sitter och njuter av semester och sol. Hoppas du får din semester snart och verkligen passar på och njuter 🙂 kram

    • Ja det har verkligen varit hemskt! Har varit påväg att gråta skälv många ggr x( Tack så mycket för omtanken! Det värmer 🙂 Bara 1 dag kvar nu…!

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