Finally Vaication! :D

Well technically it started on sunday, and offically yeasterday! xD Still, I’m free as a bird! I used these past days to just unwind and bounce back after my hell week, I was pretty beat up πŸ˜› Spent some time with my sister before she left for England with her boyfriend, the three of us started playing this really cool game called Murdered: Soul Suspect. Or rather I played, they watched! ^^ You play as a ghost cop invertergating your own murder! I really liked it! It got me alot of trophys witch is always a plus! ;D We will continue playing one of these days doing so over twitch since they are in England! I’ll tell you when if you want to stop by and watch too! ^^

And while on the topic of streaming! I’m going on a road trip tomorrow (since there are no good electronic stores nearby here) and I’m buying a webcam! :O Scary! Haha! Well, I thougth if I was gonna try this streaming thing for real people might wanna see who’s behind the wheel! :O And I thought It would be kind of fun to do a little mini cosplay thing sometimes while streaming! First off will be Skyrim and I’ll be wearing my Jagged Crown! It will probably happen later this week, again I’ll tell you when! ^^

I’ll try to update some other stuff on my blog too now that I have the time! But for now I’m gonna do what I do best! Sit back in my sofa and play some games! See ya tomorrow! ^^ *hugs*

WEEK OF HELL! Summary so far…

Oh wow, I knew this week was gonna be though, but I never imagined this… It’s at least 3 times as bad! And I’ve been generally blue shelled by life constantly these past few days! : P Starting with my vaication getting postponed… blue shelled! Ordered my favorite “super salty liqorice” candy to comfort myself about my vaication, they seem to have forgotten to put in the most important ingredient, the salty stuff! They taste sweet! Yuck! x P Blue shelled! I lost my lucky 1-Up mushroom plushie I’ve had hanging on my handbag for the past 4 years… πŸ˜₯ blue shelled! We have been so swamped at work I didn’t even have time to eat lunch on monday or yesterday… blue shelled! And yesterday, due to the chaos at work, I worked from 7am to 20:30pm… Ever tried running around like a maniac not eating or sitting down once for almost 14 hours? I don’t recommend it.. : P Blue shelled!!! And I’ve almost not been able to play anything for days, just a little Mario Kart 8 (Ironic huh? = P) Blue shelled! And this week is just halfway trough! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Only 2 more days to go, then I’m not lifting a finger for at least 4 days, not counting my thumbs! ;D Wish me luck! **Hugs**

Let me tell you a funny story…

There once was a girl who went to work thinking she only had to work 4 more hours before going on her 4 weeks vaication… She was almost at the finish line but then the evil mario kart blue shell of life came and hit her right in the face and kicked her back a week in time and space making her have to work another week…

Basicly what I’m saying is that I don’t get my vaication… yet! : P I have to work another week! Due to the chaos that is my job right now (wich only gets worse and worse) I have to stay.. To qote my boss’s boss, “we are totally screeeeeeeewd if you don’t do this, it all depends on you, you are the only one who can do it!”. How can I say no to that!? x( I’m not sure how I’m gonna find the motivation and energy to last another week.. I used it all up trying to survive this one! : ( Oh I was sooo looking forward to getting some time off! This was not what I had in mind for today.. Not at all 😦

I leveled up! :D

These past few days has been busy busy busy, I’ve been working non stop on my cosplay and both me and my dad had our birthdays! I got some very nice gifts but I just gotta show this one! It’s a nintendo DS case! So awesome! πŸ˜€

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Yesterday I had some friends over for a Mario kart/guitar hero party. And I made a sticky-brownie banana creeper cake! πŸ˜€
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Yummy!