Spelunky! :D

I am suuuper tired today! But I thought that I would still give this game a go! It’s supposed to be harder than Rogue Legacy (I died like 400 times in that game! xD So If you want to watch what will probably be a fail fest follow THIS LINK! ^^ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

2 thoughts on “Spelunky! :D

  1. Perhaps I will give this a go if I ever beat Rogue Legacy. I have died over 100 times and have only beaten two of the bosses.

    • I died soo many times in Rogue Legacy but let me tell you! RL is a cakewalk compared to Spelunky x(( I didn’t even make it past the first cave.. thingy :(( It’s super hard and I don’t have enough patience to sneak around and be careful, bad combination! xD

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