Good news! :D

I’M GOING TO COMICON/GAMEX! Yaaaay! ^^ I just booked the hotel and tickets, so everything is good to go! ^^ This will set my economy back a bit though… but I have a feeling this GameX will be AWESOME so it will be worth it to eat noodles for the rest of the year! (Haha, just kidding! So don’t worry, it’s not THAT bad) xD Thank you so much to my sister and Kiiwi who donated to help me be able to go! You guys are great! :’) ❤ Thank you both so much!

Tonight I’m gonna play some Left for Dead 2 with the awesome JadeFelt! ^^ Hope you all have a great night! *hugs*

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3 thoughts on “Good news! :D

  1. yee! I’d like to see LOTS of photos XD. Joking, i hope you’ll have great time!. Eli and Kiwi are so awesome! <3. Btw, it was very funny playing with you! ** Next time we will upgrade the experience…maybe we can raise the difficulty XDD more witches that can hug you! ❤ ^^/

    • Don’t worry! There will be ALOT of pictures! xD Thank you! I know it will be great! 😀 Yeah it was so much fun playing thogether! Haha do you really think I can handle harder difficulty? I’m still a noob! xD But more friends are always great I guess! If they don’t eat my face! xD ❤

      • You.’re not a noob, you.’re my hero!. We can handle harder difficulty.!. We ‘re JJ team!! XD

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