Good news! :D

I’M GOING TO COMICON/GAMEX! Yaaaay! ^^ I just booked the hotel and tickets, so everything is good to go! ^^ This will set my economy back a bit though… but I have a feeling this GameX will be AWESOME so it will be worth it to eat noodles for the rest of the year! (Haha, just kidding! So don’t worry, it’s not THAT bad) xD Thank you so much to my sister and Kiiwi who donated to help me be able to go! You guys are great! :’) ❤ Thank you both so much!

Tonight I’m gonna play some Left for Dead 2 with the awesome JadeFelt! ^^ Hope you all have a great night! *hugs*

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Road Trip Day!

We went on a road trip today to visit my boyfriends family in Umeå! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos It was a 5 hour drive so I needed to bring some entertainment with me to last all the way! And since I can’t “just choose one” I brought alot of games and consoles… xD I ended up just playing Tokobot on the psp the whole way. A simple but fun game!

When we finally got there we just relaxed, ate some food, discussed games… you know like familys do xD We also watched a series called An Idiot Abroad, it was hilarious! xD That man is brilliant, he’s not an idiot at all, he may be a genius in disguise.. Because alot of what he says makes so much sense in a way! xD Haha! Now everyone has gone to bed but since I was up streaming until 5am I’m not at all tired x( So I’m gonna continue my adventure in Tokobot! ^^ Hope you all have a great night! Happy gaming! See you tomorrow! 😀 *Hugs*